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  • Maestro Messiah MaccabeeSeptember 1, 2016 to presentFort Lauderdale, Florida
    I see the fire, it's, and together we're gonna shine everywhere.
  • Messiah StradivariusOctober 2012 to presentHollywood, Florida
    I see God's plan for salvation all around us. I am trying to share .. that it with you
    • Sallvation
      Nov 5, 2010 to present
    • Microcosm of the Messiah
  • Maestro Messiah MaccabeeFort Lauderdale, Florida
    I see the fire, it's you and i, and together we're gonna shine everywhere.
  • MessiahDecember 14, 2012 to March 5, 2014
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About Adam
  • I am a computer engineer, self taught neuroscientist, and nominative servant of the light of ha'truth. At times, I also aspire to time travel and world saving. For 40 years we have wandered the desert, seeking a promised land that has been hidden in the holy earth beneath our feet the entire time. Look around now, and find the same answer you would have the first time around: love life, your neighbor, and your friends and family--the simplicity of our purpose does not detract from its loftiness.
Favorite Quotes
  • vidi vici vili vini - I overcame the cheap wine

    The race is not to Die Bold. -Ecc 9:11 & ish

    I am the feather blowing the wind. -Nostradamus & ish