As my son readies to begin his high school journey I ready to tackle grade 7 with my daughter. We've finally settled on our choices for curriculum for this year. It never ceases to amaze me how we can begin the year with so much ambition and see all that fizzle out by January. This year I am determined to see that ambition through to the end of the school calendar year. Too many bases to cover.

English- Jade Level Mosdos Press
Latin- Latin for Children Classical Academic Pr...ess
Geography- Mapping the World By Heart FableVision Learning
Math- Teaching Textbooks
History- We've decided to keep reading the Dear Canada series and discussing Canadian historical events
Elective- The Art of Argument Classical Academic Press
Art- Grade 8 Scott Foresman Art
Phys Ed- Daily exercise activities and outings.
Reading List- My daughter loves reading but her focus is narrow so I've compiled and extensive and varied list of required reading as well some with movies to follow

I think the bases are covered....we shall see. How's your year shaping up?

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This will be our second year homeschooling with just one student here as her brother begins his high school journey. What have we decided to learn about this year...truth be told I am at a complete loss. Entering grade 7 we've got math, foreign language, art, and one elective on debate covered...but as to science, language, and history we are taking a step into the dark so far. I am sure it will all become clear as I forage for ideas online like a panic stricken animal in the last hour before school begins...not really... That's what I really love about homeschooling you don't have to panic it will all work out in the end so long as you take a bit of time to plan.


Esoteric is the new adventure since closing the ferret rescue..although we are still over run with 7 furbabies of our own. Esoteric is our Facebook store primarily a place for alternative fashion, decor, makeup etc..We also welcome other people labels/products pertaining to the subcultures we offer So please check out the store and share around and if you want to chat pm. We love to hear from new people and see what handicrafts they are up to.

Have a student struggling to learn their multiplication facts? I just stumbled over these beautfully illustrated 'brownie pies'. For those not familiar with brownies they are magical fairies who like to help with chores. In any event the cards are folded into a triangle and the holder covers up the answer while the student figures out the answer. The idea is that practice leads to speed and memorization.…/1Browniemath/Brownieforest.html

Halloween, paper toys, Halloween decorations, Halloween toys, pumpkins, papel picado, skull, cat, owl, treat,

Occasionally while browsing we find something worth today it's free worksheets for learning various parts of English. Go browse, print, enjoy.

My grade sixer is having fun studying ancient Egypt at the moment. We are having a fairly relaxing year with just one student. I have also geared the entire year to how she learns so my rather spoiled student is having a lot of fun studying history that interests her, learning math at her own pace, learning about literature, doing such art project I would like to share is this fantastic Egyptian art project that you likely have supplies for already Got to love those kinds of art projects No mess either!…/6th-grade-egyptian-met…

wow those are great! how did you do it? I'm assuming foil and sharpies. I tried something like this with yarn on tag board ("metal embossing") but it didn't really turn out as nice as I had hoped.

I get asked often on where to find this or that resource. I find what we forget as homeschooler's is that there are often countless lesson plans and free teacher resources online for free but because we get entrenched in the habit of searching on google with homeschooling as our keyword that we miss out on finding these gems. is one such resource. See that little pull down list in the upper right corner of the homepage? You can choose a math topic and even the grade level to find lesson plans to help teach a topic Remember to use the words teacher or classroom resource when googling.

Use the resources in this collection to encourage your students to talk about the math they use to play the game or solve the problem. Encourage them to share their thoughts and describe their strategies to one another as they figure out the best moves or steps in a process. Provide students with op...

While in the process of creating Ancient History units for my soon to be grade 6 student I came across this wonderful interactive atlas that has a multitude of pdf's you can download and print.

The school atlas takes on a new dimension of learning with the Atlas of Discovery. It will allow your students to discover not just the WHAT and WHEN, but the WHY and HOW of their world.TAKE the VOYAGE! DISCOVER!

Well the blog comeback has been slow folks and I truly apologize for that..seems running Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue takes a whole lot of time....we don't mind but the blog takes a back seat for awhile..If you like animals though please pop over to our big event running right now. Anyone in the USA or Canada is able to bid and it really does make all the difference in these animals lives.

Been busy with life for awhile..but thinking of this page and how much I miss to kick myself back into gear I am going to share this great page with you. It's that time of year to get your butterfly raising kits. This page shows you different places you can order from depending on where you are in Canada Good luck and have fun...…/butterflies-where_to_buy…

Not all countries/states have IBBA members, and not all IBBA members sell butterflies. If your preferred location gives no results, please try another nearby.

In the process of helping my son with his upcoming science fair research I found this great site. It has a bunch of simulations for science for free. Be sure to update your java plugins to get them to work right.

With school back in it's always nice to find sites with great printables. This site has some really good k5 English grammar, spelling, vocab, and more pages

Reading worksheets and articles for parents and teachers, covering sight words, vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, and other reading essentials.

Do you have a student interested in Electronics and you don't have a clue where to go? I did What I found was this incredible site which is essentially an entire curriculum free! Complete with text, worksheets, experiments, and projects to get your young engineer up to speed.

This site provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics. The information provided is great for both students and hobbyists who are looking to expand their knowledge in this field.

Ever wonder if a book is good for your kid to read. Check the reviews out on They also review movies, games, tv, websites. They have some really helpful lesson planning too all free to use

Get age appropriate reviews of movies, books, apps, TV shows, video games, websites, and music by our expert editors.

My goodness...a sprained wrist seems to take a long time to heal. Please be patient readers I promise it will be worth the wait

Sometimes when getting school ready we just stumble on some of the most awesome sites out there. Here is a great one for all you nature science lover's…/Outdoor-Education-C1102.a…

Included in this section are resources that move learning outside including engaging activity kits and guidebooks, field equipment, observation tools and related supplies.