So my dear grandmother, Meme, passed away awhile back. My Bankie, (her husband) who passed away years ago, gave her a terrarium for an Anniversary gift one year. It had a music box in it that she would wind up and sing to us grand kids. The song was "As Time Goes By." The terrarium was old and yucky looking, so I took the music box out of it and asked my Dad to put it in Ole Bert for me. This book was written in honor of "Our Meme", and all the loved ones that have gone before us, including all our brave military men and women. My Dad sent this video to me this morning. Ole Bert playing "As Time Goes By". We miss you Meme, Bankie, Aunt Dot, Auntie Fern and so many others that have impacted our lives. Hope you enjoy the video, hope you enjoy the book.
THANK YOU to our VETERANS and HEROS that have fought and sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you to their families that support and stand by their side through it all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you continually. “OLD BERT the BOMBER” “A Tribute to Our Heroes” On a day too windy to fly Arnold and Herman witness other young planes being disrespectful and mean to an old, neglected bomber named “Old Bert”. Arnold and Herman befriend the saddened plane and spend their day listening to “Old Bert” tell of his exploits and adventures as a seasoned war plane. The young planes are swept up into “Old Bert’s” tales bursting with courage, honor and loyalty. Then spiral downward in turn as he tearfully recounts times of suffering and loss. Arnold and Herman discover how treasured time spent with elderly people can be; that they should not be looked over but listened to and valued for their rich heritage and wealth of knowledge.
As most of you know, yesterday we were in Canton, TX as a vendor for First Monday Canton Trade Days. The day there was a total blessing. We met a veteran who loved Old Bert the Bomber. He and his wife are expecting a baby. The vendors on each side of us became our new friends that soon felt like family and we made many more amazing connections. At approximately 5pm, the day took a drastic turn. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and we were under tornado watch that turned into a tornado warning. Long story short, 4 tornadoes hit Canton area causing major devastation. In the beginning I didn't really understand the severity of the storm, I even posted a selfie of me and my vendor friends hanging in the trade center bathrooms waiting for the tornado. I felt horrible for posting it after I heard about the damage that had been caused by them. The point is, I am blessed and grateful to be alive. I'm thankful for our time at Canton, the friends and connections we made. I'm heart-broken for those who lost loved ones, their homes, animals, and treasures. But what I would like everyone to notice in this newscast is how those people handle this tragedy. Take notice of their words and more so their attitude of heart. They inspire me to be grateful for everything, everyone, and every day that God has blessed me with. PLEASE be PRAYING for these families and the communities that were hit by these tornadoes.

Come along with Arnold and his friends as they seek to find the TRUE meaning of Christmas.
Don't forget to CHECK OUT the other books in "The Adventures of Arnold A. Airplane" Series

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Please keep Jase and the other children affected by cancer in your prayers. This is a horrible disease that causes them so much pain and suffering.

Jase's Journey

We are headed home from Children’s this evening. We called this morning to see if we should take Jase in tomorrow, even though it is an off week, because he ha...s been so tired, listless, and having tummy pains for past week. They told us to bring him in today to be evaluated and have blood work. Thankfully his blood work was all normal. On examination the doctor discovered mucositis, or mouth sores and believes that he probably has sores all throughout his GI tract causing the continuous tummy pains and painful BMs. He got 5 new medications to try and ease the pain and discomfort. We are so glad he didn’t get admitted, please pray that the medications help heal his body and give him ease of discomfort and pain.

Please pray for our friend Addie, she was admitted to Children’s this week for fever and lethargy. She is receiving multiple treatments and due to her neutropenia maybe in hospital for several days.

Please pray for Sophie’s family during this time of sorrow. Their family is a true expression of a Christ-centered family.

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Prayers are being answered for Jase, but we need to continue to hold this sweet boy up in prayer.

Jase's Journey

Sorry for the delayed update, Jase seems too be feeling better. Still has cough and runny nose, but not worse. He has been on antibiotics, which are giant “h...orse pills” that he gags on at times. The potassium supplement tastes terrible and honestly I have hard time giving it to him due to taste (I tried it myself). Tomorrow he goes back for weekly clinic visit for chemo, and I will ask oncologist to switch his antibiotics to a more easy to swallow pill. He gets his potassium checked again tomorrow, pray it is normal so he can stop the terrible supplement. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support. #hulkstrong

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Continuous prayers for Jase Curtis and his family. We need God to intervene on his behalf.

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This morning at 10am, Grace EEC gathered in a circle of prayer for our Jase! We feel so blessed to be apart of this wonderful family.

PLEASE PRAY for Jase and his family

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We made a trip to Hospitality ER this morning after speaking with Children’s. Jase was shaking uncontrollably, and they were concerned he may be getting an inf...ection, and his body couldn’t spike a fever. Jase tested positive for RSV and his chest X-ray showed possible early pneumonia. His potassium level was low as well. He has been discharged after receiving IV antibiotics, blood cultures drawn, blood work run. He will be adding antibiotics and potassium supplements to his daily meds for now.

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Gold Network of East Texas

At Gold Network of East Texas, our mission is to raise awareness that Childhood Cancer is real and right here in East Texas. Each month we will introduce you to... one of our local Heroes.

Meet Jase (from Tyler)

Jase Curtis, AKA “The Hulk”, was a normal, healthy 3 (almost 4) year-old when his and his family’s life changed on June 19th. Jase woke up complaining of leg pain, which warranted a trip to see his pediatrician. During his exam, his pediatrician thought he looked pale and also felt several prominent lymph nodes on his body, leading her to order blood work. The bloodwork gave her much concern and sent him and his family to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. There he was further tested, and at 2am on June 20th, they received the official diagnosis of leukemia, later classified as ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). This was a blow his family was not prepared for. Jase was admitted and immediately began procedures and aggressive chemotherapy. Since diagnosis he has continued his battle to bravely fight the cancer enemy. So far in his journey, Jase has had a mediport placement, 9 spinal taps, 4 bone marrow aspirates, several blood and platelet transfusions, at least 20 blood draws, various chemotherapies, weekly clinic visits and 5 hospital admissions. He takes ever new challenge without complaint, trusting that his parents and medical team have his best interests at heart. Jase achieved remission after 2 intense months of treatments, but must continue weekly clinic visits for the next 4-5 months, then monthly clinic visits for 3 to 3 ½ years, to keep the cancer from relapsing. Jase and his family thank you all for your support today and appreciate all your continued prayers. (Story shared by Jase's mom). You can follow Jase on his Facebook page, Jase's Journey…

If you would like to submit an East Texas Childhood Cancer Hero to be featured, email

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Please continue to pray for this little superhero as he goes into the next phase of treatment. Jase and his family NEED us to be praying continually.

Jase's Journey

Jase has had his fourth and last scheduled hospital admission today. He started his chemotherapy at 4pm, which is the 24 hour infusion of High dose Methotrexat...e. He has tolerated the last 3 infusions with very little side effects, please pray that this 4th infusion is also well tolerated. Today Jase also had a baseline echocardiogram, because the next phase of therapy includes a chemotherapy that can cause cardiomyopathy (damaging heart condition) as he ages. Jase’s oncologist assures us that the heart condition is unlikely, but Jase will have recheck echocardiograms every 5 years for the rest of his life. Please pray that the Doxorubicin doesn’t cause any complications with his heart long term. His next phase, which starts in 3 weeks, is called Delayed Intensification, which lasts 2 months. This phase starts back his weekly clinic IV chemo treatments. This phase is similar to his first phase in that he will be on steroids again. The steroid therapy combined with new chemotherapy drugs will be harder on his bone marrow, therefore more immune suppression than he has had this current phase. Please pray that Jase will stay clear of any infections, especially during this flu season, and that he will coast through the next phase without any fevers leading to hospital admissions. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. We get “wake calls” from time to time, like today about possible long term heart damage, that even though it is a must and necessary to save his life from cancer, the chemotherapy is poison and is not without long term effects. Though his treatment plan is 3 to 3 1/2 years, really this is life long for our baby boy!!
#hulkstrong #prayingforjase

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Jase is SO VERY Brave. Please continue to keep this precious little guy in your thoughts and prayers.

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Pictures from day 1 and 2 of hospital admission number 3.

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Bullard High School Theatre to “Willy Wonka: The Musical”

Join us for an afternoon of giving! Come see "Willy Wonka:The Musical" on Sunday, December 3rd at 2:30 and half of our proceeds will be going to Jase Curtis and his family! Tickets are $5 and we will also be accepting donations to go to the family as well!

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Jase's Journey

We are finally home, after stand still traffic on I20. When we were loading up the car, leaving the hospital Jase said “I’m sick of this place”, was cute the w...ay he said it, but sad at same time, since he has years of clinic/hospital visits ahead. Then when we were almost home he said “(sigh) I wish I had never got cancer”. I said I know Bubba, but God is using you to show us strength, and he will never leave you through this time. My baby boy has had to grow-up too fast these last 4 1/2 months. (Below is Jase insisting on pulling the wagon back to reception desk, after we used it to load our car)

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Some pictures from day 1 and 2 of High dose Methotrexate hospital admittance number two.

Jase's Journey

We are getting settled in Jase’s room, waiting to start his chemo. His blood work looked great this morning! Just like his last admittance, he’ll get high dos...e methotrexate for 24 hours, with urine checks every 4 hours to check his kidneys throughout this time. He gets blood check several times after finishing his chemo to make sure it is eliminating out of his body.

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UPDATE on our superhero. PLEASE keep Jase and his family in your prayers

Jase's Journey

Jase's ANC today was 693, so his oncologist feels confident by Wednesday it will be up to, or at least close enough to the 750 goal to start his next phase, cal...led Interim maintenance. So the plan is Wednesday he gets two procedures, lumbar puncture and a bone marrow aspirate. These tests are to make sure there are no returning cancer cells in either his CSF or bone marrow. After his procedures, he will be admitted to start his new chemo infusion with high dose methotrexate, that I believe takes up to 24 hours. After he finishes the infusion, he then receives a lot of IV fluids to wash out the chemo, because it can be dangerous to his kidneys. This new chemo is also known for causing mouth sores and significant nausea. Though we are glad he finally gets to start this next phase, we are worried of the side effects expected. We expect to be admitted for 3-4 days.

Please pray that his procedures go well and still show remission. Please pray that he handles the new chemo well with little to no side effects. Please pray for Jase to continue to be brave and hulkstrong through this hospital admit and the ones to come over next 8 weeks. Please pray that Jase stays well from any additional illness or infections, especially coming into flu season.

I want to also again thank each of you, for reading this update, for following Jase's journey, for the out pouring of prayers and love that we have felt. I can't imagine going through this journey with out the support of family and friends. I especially thank our Heavenly Father for walking along side us, picking me up when I stumble. I remember the story of the foot prints in the sand, how God has said to me "my precious precious child, I love you and I would never leave you, when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I was carrying you".


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These are the times when you're so thankful for technology. Jase was able to be back in our classroom today!

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Jase's Journey

Jase got to join his PreK class this morning by Skype!! Thank you to Ms. Ann, David Provines, and office of GEEC for making this possible!! It makes my so happy to see him getting to participate!! 💕💕

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Go Gold 5K, we finished as a family, team Hulkstrong!!!

REJOICING with the Curtis Family that Jase has been strong enough to have some fun, while bringing awareness for Childhood Cancer. #Hulkstrong

Jase's Journey added 9 new photos — with Jarrod B Curtis.

Jase and his buddy Sawyer got to run through the tunnel with the Grace Cougars in honor of Childhood cancer awareness. Look at the smile on his face!!