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So my dear grandmother, Meme, passed away awhile back. My Bankie, (her husband) who passed away years ago, gave her a terrarium for an Anniversary gift one year. It had a music box in it that she would wind up and sing to us grand kids. The song was "As Time Goes By." The terrarium was old and yucky looking, so I took the music box out of it and asked my Dad to put it in Ole Bert for me. This book was written in honor of "Our Meme", and all the loved ones that have gone before us, including all our brave military men and women. My Dad sent this video to me this morning. Ole Bert playing "As Time Goes By". We miss you Meme, Bankie, Aunt Dot, Auntie Fern and so many others that have impacted our lives. Hope you enjoy the video, hope you enjoy the book.
THANK YOU to our VETERANS and HEROS that have fought and sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you to their families that support and stand by their side through it all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you continually. “OLD BERT the BOMBER” “A Tribute to Our Heroes” On a day too windy to fly Arnold and Herman witness other young planes being disrespectful and mean to an old, neglected bomber named “Old Bert”. Arnold and Herman befriend the saddened plane and spend their day listening to “Old Bert” tell of his exploits and adventures as a seasoned war plane. The young planes are swept up into “Old Bert’s” tales bursting with courage, honor and loyalty. Then spiral downward in turn as he tearfully recounts times of suffering and loss. Arnold and Herman discover how treasured time spent with elderly people can be; that they should not be looked over but listened to and valued for their rich heritage and wealth of knowledge.
As most of you know, yesterday we were in Canton, TX as a vendor for First Monday Canton Trade Days. The day there was a total blessing. We met a veteran who loved Old Bert the Bomber. He and his wife are expecting a baby. The vendors on each side of us became our new friends that soon felt like family and we made many more amazing connections. At approximately 5pm, the day took a drastic turn. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and we were under tornado watch that turned into a tornado warning. Long story short, 4 tornadoes hit Canton area causing major devastation. In the beginning I didn't really understand the severity of the storm, I even posted a selfie of me and my vendor friends hanging in the trade center bathrooms waiting for the tornado. I felt horrible for posting it after I heard about the damage that had been caused by them. The point is, I am blessed and grateful to be alive. I'm thankful for our time at Canton, the friends and connections we made. I'm heart-broken for those who lost loved ones, their homes, animals, and treasures. But what I would like everyone to notice in this newscast is how those people handle this tragedy. Take notice of their words and more so their attitude of heart. They inspire me to be grateful for everything, everyone, and every day that God has blessed me with. PLEASE be PRAYING for these families and the communities that were hit by these tornadoes.

God heard our prayers once again for Jase.

Jase's Journey

Today Jase had a good clinic day. His blood counts were good. ANC 1170, Hgb 9.1, Platelets 158, all low results, but acceptable for him. He got to see Blair,... his 4 legged buddy. He cut-up with Ms. Sharon with blood draw, and didn't have to have his port accessed. We will be giving him his chemo injection SQ at home instead of IV. He will be getting 4 injections this week. His oral chemo continues. He had his post-op dental visit today, everything looked good. Very thankful for good reports today. #hulkstrong

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