The search for a vocalist is going pretty well. We have met some interesting people to say the least. We are still moving along!

We are writing new material as well, and we're getting geared up for the studio again, so keep an eye out for that!

All has been pretty quiet on our front. I promise we are NOT dead. We are busier than ever in our search for a vocalist, and we have been working on music, and doing more work on our E.P. Stay tuned, my friends. we have good things in store!


We are getting very close to releasing a new song! Who is stoked!? We are! We promise this song will be the best Ainvictus you have heard to date!

What is going on out there!? What are you guys up to on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon?

Here in the Ainvictus camp, we are busy in the studio hashing out some awesome tunes! We will have a brand new song to release very, very soon. We are also working on an E.P., so stay tuned for that as well.

And for all you bedroom screamers out there, we are still trying to find a vocalist, so hit us up and show us what ya got! Your talent could take you somewhere. So come out of hiding and audition. Yes we see you over there in the corner thinking you aren't good. Well, you'll never know until you try!

Ainvictus is now seeking a Vocalist. Come on, guys! Show us what ya got!

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Ainvictus updated their cover photo.
May 3, 2013
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Ainvictus updated their cover photo.
May 2, 2013
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The definition of Ainvictus: Ainvictus is the idea of unconquerable freedom; an existence in higher awareness, the willingness to try and awaken the sleepers, and the strength to speak the truth when lies try to suffocate; an idea with which to go to the grave.

We are a band with nowhere to go but up. We have had some rocks in the road, and some of our spokes have been broken off, but we can roll just as fast on three wheels. We see many obstacles and figures trying to stand in our way, or trying to crash us with their words, but we have only wind in our sails and the past to our backs; our own ideas of Ainvictus are carrying us to the gates so we can bring them crashing down.

Stay tuned, my friends. Ainvictus is here to stay.

It is with stones in our hearts that we announce: Zac Blake is no longer the Vocalist for Ainvictus. It was a tough decision, but we feel going our separate ways is best for both parties. We had an excellent ride with him, and we wish him the best and hope his future is charted for excellent waters.

Whats your all time favorite artist?!?!?!

Lubbock! You guys fuckin killed it tonight, thank you so much for such a badass show! All the bands were superb, the crowd was beautiful, and the energy was absolutely amazing, thank you to everyone that rocked the house with us tonight!!

Well guys tonight's the night!! And there's still time to buy your tickets at Ralph's!! 14$ adv and 17$ at the door, show kicks off 6pm!! Come on out and have a drink help us tear this down!!

How many of you Kats want to see us play? Drop a line in the comment box below and let us know! You'll see and experience things at the shows no amount of CDs could ever bring!!

What's up guys and gals! This Thursday we hit jakes backroom! Come on out and help us pack this bitch Out, Help us keep the scene alive!!

Happy 420 boys and girls!! Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly!!

Who's going to a show tonight? Who's gettin laid tonight and how many of you are going to. Celebrate the big day tomorrow??