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Randy Burkiett
· April 22, 2018
Bowled here many years new ownership with rouge hours and poor customer service. Pay full price for a special and told they close early just because they want to. Hours on the door are clear with stating otherwise. Wont be back. See More
Tisha French
· November 25, 2017
I did not socialize with any employees but the atmosphere was live and busy. The building was fairly updated. Did not have any trapped bowling balls which often times happens at other places we have v...isited. French Fries were amazing, quick and yummy. Will return. See More
Mike Wilwol
· March 3, 2018
Kinda small place but clean, and the drinks were made well! Definitely worth a trip back. Parking was a bit confusing.
Craig Wilson
· December 5, 2017
Poor service. The guy at the counter had us waiting for 15 minuets only to tell us that there was no lanes open because of bowling league. When we asked why he couldn't have told us that, his excuse "I have 150 kids bowling". Something that would taken him 5 seconds to tell us while working. And the way he said was just rude too. Won't be coming here again. See More
Pam Jenkins
· February 18, 2018
Although bowling was fun the restrooms were horrid! No staff personal would take the time to plung the toilet that was full of feces! It smelled awful!
Aisha Ewald
· March 18, 2018
It was fun until, The lane kept messing up and needed reset so we didn’t really get to play like we would have liked! So we left
Tara Morris
· March 2, 2018
It’s a Friday evening. Bowling with coworkers and listening to nursing home music. Asked they play something current and was told can only play certain music at certain times. There’s like 10 ppl here... and 7 are in my party. MUSIC SUCKS! See More
McKenzie Coons
· January 23, 2018
The customer service was so horrible we left before we even ordered our shoes. We went to Val Lanes instead and had an amazing time there!
Fredd Bedford
· October 8, 2017
Was there for a birthday party and I have been there several other times. Only complaint is no pinball machines. Other than that no complaints. Not a bad place in any of my experiences.
Connie Chiles
· February 26, 2018
That entry needs attention in the worst way.
The smell of smoke and cigarette butts outside front door are also nasty.
I will say your help was wonderful and we enjoyed ourself.
Misty Martin
· July 9, 2017
The lady giving us our lanes was not friendly at all. To top it off we found out later she is the manager. The music she played was super out dated!! Gonna pay a few xtra $$ and go to Plaza Lanes from now on!
Dave Roszak
· March 5, 2018
Fantastic. Great service and fun time. Keep it up.
Tj Keding
· December 24, 2017
Told us it was open tell 10 and said there closing in an hour disappointed
Amy Poier
· February 1, 2017
Tuesdays are the best! I do wish the bar was open more in the bowling alley to play pool and get drinks while waiting for a lane, but they still serve at the front counter too. Friendly staff!
Ariel Stephenson
· November 19, 2016
I had a last-minute change for a birthday party and they were able to get me in with a package four hours before I needed to be there..I took a group of boys lanes weren't always working yet they were... very patient with us and able to fix it right away thank you so much to the staff for EVERYTHING See More
Rafael Rodriguez
· January 6, 2017
I went there not to long ago with my brother and a few friends and the lady was extremely rude with us and was very horrible at customer service. Friend went to go get a pizza and she had stared it and making it before we even paid and we ended up not having enough but was forced to pay for something we hadnt even recieved yet and wasnt our fault for a pizza that was 8 bucks and wasnt even bigger than my hand. It wasn't the price that bothered me it was that she haf started making it and forced us to pay for something we couldnt afford and had to get into money we didnt have. The easy solution is either dont make the pizza until after its paid for or if they cant afford it then to throw it away. She was also very rude to us at when we camr in and try to even get started bowling and was even rude to the other employee working there yelling at her for getting our shoes while we were waiting! This was the first and only time I will be going there if your employees and customers are treated like this then it is not a place id like to go. But other than her the place was clean and nice and the other little blonde girl was very nice in helping us out. The rude one was older with very straggly dirty blonde hair. See More
Wendy Barns
· December 11, 2016
Was there last night and that lady behind the desk karen is the rudest person I have ever had to deal with. The security guard and the blonde hair girl behind the desk is the most polite people they h...ave working there. I over heard karen calling customers idiots and was very disrespectful. The blonde girl was so frustrated with karen but she kept a smile on face.i actually walked away from the desk and I went to the security guard and he was very apologetic to my husband and I about karen. He went out of his way to help us and made us feel more welcomed. That owner needs to get rid of karen I have heard so much about how rude she is and we seen first hand last we will take our business to bowlerama from now on. And I will spread the news about that woman and I hope you loose many more customers because of her... See More
Angela Theis-Beerbower
· May 14, 2017
My kids had a blast.. The lady behind the desk wasn't the nicest. She seemed irritated with me and my 3 kiddos.. She was on her cell phone the whole time. my kids didn't understand why she was so unha...ppy. Most important thing was my kids did enjoyed playing and we will go back! See More
Becky Stricklin
· February 14, 2017
I thought it was prety messed up that they wouldn't let us bring in cupcakes for,the birthday boy!!!!! And one of the lady's was rude, and was taking forever to add another person to the lane. She sai...d I'm busy, I'll do it when I can as we're all siting there waiting and looking at her. Then another person has to go up and ask her again for her,to finally do it See More
Douglas Jay Greenwalt
· November 9, 2014
Horrible,my wife and I and our two friends bowl on Sunday nights.they need to hire bodyguards or bouncers.this is the second time I've had a altercation just walking to my truck.On top of it it's a re...c league people throwing stuff kicking ball machines,I'd be embarrassed to bring kids there.Cant wait to start giving my money to bowlarama See More

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