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Posted by Airtel Malawi
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Ken Ma
· February 7, 2018
So 2 weeks ago I walk into City Mall Airtel shop to migrate my card to 4G.....didnt know I would be donating to the company my airtime and data balances.

4 visits back to the shop following up and i...m still to get my MK 54,000 airtime and data bundle.

Sad to see the bad patch this company is going through but really dont take it out on the customer . #Airtel must fall !
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Hamilton Jucha Chapomba
· March 12, 2018
Im migrating to a better network now..because internet in new naperi is slow from evening.. Ive lost 500 airtime in 3 min..have subscribed to a 1gb bandle to sort my problems online guess what? Its st...olen fed up this is a public thief.. Ive been fooled for long enough tnm here i come the only 4.5 g network in malawi See More
Marco Saunders
· November 30, 2017
They stole from me.
I know it's hard to believe because they are a multi million dollar company and I am a nobody. But they actually went ahead and stole from me and called it a ''technical issue'' I ...bought a volume bundle 1GB for 2500 MWK, but then I got a text message saying: ''we are unable to process your request at this time. But guess what? They took the 2500 MWK from my account anyway, without giving me the 1 GB data! Later the same thing happened with a NightChillaz bundle. And then I called customer service, and it rings once, and then I get cut off, or it says that I can't call because I called too many times. But I never actually spoke to anyone from Airtel. I have proof in my phone of everything. See More
Uchizie Karma Kamangahr
· February 12, 2018
Since upgrading to 4G, I keep losing bundles. I got my 4G sim card about a month ago and since then my bundles keep disappearing without me using them. A week ago, I bought 400mb night chilaz(two 200 ...mb bundles valid for a week) and had 256mb left over when I was done on the first night.The next night I tried using it again and was told i didn't have any active bundle. I called customer care and tried the WhatsApp line plenty of times but wasn't assisted. This has happened quite a few times since i upgraded,even with regular bundles. Now today I was daring enough to try and buy another night chilaz bundle and bought 600mb and within fifteen minutes, I receive the 90% warning and am told I only have 53mb left. This might sound like the fault is with my phone, but I use Tizen OS and a 30 mb bundle can last for hours when browsing so 600mb should have lasted a few nights. I hadn't even done much, I just downloaded one video and it was only 21 mb and I didn't have mobile hotspot turned on and none of my apps updated. Tried customer care but got no answer as usual. Honestly, if it wasn't for my bundles disappearing into thin air and customer care not assisting, I wouldn't have had any complaint and would've given a five star rating because airtel internet is blazing fast and call quality is pretty damn good. See More
Walter Moyo
· March 29, 2018
Horrible services. Lots of people keep complaining about their data bundles disappearing. Your internet used to be good but these days it's useless. You can't even make a WhatsApp voice call without f...acing hurdles, yet you're in the city where you should even be able to make video calls seamlessly. Also, your 30-day internet bundles don't last 30 days. They expire in 28½ days in reality based on your timing. This is robbery and you need to look into it. If there were enough rich people here you'd probably be sued for misrepresentation of your services. Finally, how do your bonuses really work? I buy K20,000 worth of airtime monthly and I get to receive K7 bonus like for real? Get back to your drawing board. See More
Roblen Lennie Chisimba Phiri
· February 21, 2018
This is now the second time our so loved Airtel service provider has swindled and stolen my airtime. Last 3 to 4 months ago, they robbed me of airtime amounting to k19300 and when I visited their shop i failed to convince them and enjoy they said was l left handset with the data on. All alone I have never switched off data and why today. They promised to sort out things for me but the talktime was never refunded back. 3 days ago, I had k16700 left in my phone 20 mins later when I tried to call someone only to be told that I need to top up in order to make a call. Is Airtel now stealing from poor Malawians? Should I join TNM but I have never liked TNM because I have been with airtel since 2003. How I hate this!!!! Airtel u r thieves and swindle people's Airtel just like that!!!! To hell with Ur company See More
Leah Hazard
· April 6, 2018
Today I forgot my passport at the Airtel in the Lilongwe Airport. Victoria (Airtel staffer) went out of her way to call me 4-5 times to alert me and waited after hours so that I could go back to retri...eve it. She was so nice! Great customer service. Thank you! See More
Nicholas Mumba
· October 7, 2017
What type of nonsense is this that people have to wait for your distributed airtime to be activated for them to continue with their business. Why don't you activate then distribute the scratch cards,'s pathetic that you're making us subscribe to your inefficiency. Change or we change. Very upsetting.

Now it's 24hrs my scratch cards are still not activated, what a service provider. You're pathetic and busy mocking innocent people, peaceful malawians in the name of providing service, c'mon airtel Malawi you're the worst airtel I have dealt with. No apology for all this inconvenience, everything is OK for you. Shame.
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Lisue Salome Muwamba
· December 19, 2017
Cant google or send watsapp msgs with this you people get urselvs together and give people the service they are paying cn someone send a text msg to day and only get delivered 3 ...days really nxa! See More
Ilona Ceci Nyirenda
· March 28, 2018
I am getting tired of your network.. Of late when ever I recharge I don't know where my airtime goes even when the data is off.. I buy bundles but still my airtime ikungopita. This is bad work on your... network otherwise you will loose customers. It's really boring ndalama zikusowatu See More
Tayah Chikusa
· February 6, 2018
I've been a loyal customer for years. Even went to the extent of having a tnm card that i hardly ever used. After my current data bundle hits 100% i'm not purchasing anymore bundles from you guys. ...Smh.. How can a Week's bundle end in a day without any downloads mind you. See More
Elizabeth Mkutumula
· December 21, 2017
Deliberately stealing. Only used half of my voice bundle and the rest disappeared. Called customer service and told issue resolved. It wasn't. I Went to complain at a local store and was told the issu...e would be resolved. It wasn't. Some lady from Airtel called me to ask if issue resolved, told her no and still issue not resolved. See More
Penny CK
· December 1, 2017
Crap network and no help from customer care when you explaining you have an active bundle about to expire but can't connect to the Internet. They don't care as long as raking in the money!�
Francesca Guazzo
· December 25, 2017
with Airtel from 3g, a good signal and usable is 1 week now...we are back to Edge and GPRS. Sometime no service.
We have reported the one is giving a feedback. Any advice?
Nyanyiwe Harawa
· January 13, 2018
I really think you guys should stop with the khethekhethe bonus as I feel it does not serve its purpose anymore.I highly doubt if the bonuses are being dashed out by merit,it now seems like a raffle d...raw.Also we keep struggling with the network especially internet wise.I kindly suggest you look into these matters.Thank you. See More
Tamara Khaiko Namalomba
· November 30, 2017
Today @8.20 am I recharged my phone with mk3000.00 @ 8.22am I tried to buy 1 gb bundle and was told you are unable to process my request more @8.23 am I tried again and was told insufficient funds. C...hecked my credit only to find mk 500. 00. I check my bundle "no active bundle " WHERE is my MONEY???. You either credit my phone with MK 2500 or 1GB bundle. You just can't take my money for nothing See More
Naeem Gaffar
· October 6, 2017
*********Becareful *********

My volume bundle finished and without any warning or suspension of service they deducted all my credits on my phone...

This I feel is really pathetic and daylight robbery....

When I emailed them this is their response :

"Please note that the moment the bundle got exhausted it started charging from main account. You were suppose to check the balance by dialing *304#


Airtel Customer Care."

They must have done this plenty of times to many people and has to stop

Their customer service is literally useless

Shame on you !
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Shahid Memon
· October 25, 2017
Company is worst in malawi....not giving proper service...all time network problem and no 4g network...if you are not with the timr then you should leave malawi..
Aubrey Nkusanya
· August 19, 2017
In the past two weeks here at thondwe we are failing to call anybody using this network. Our airtel sims are grounded. We have reported via customer service and provided my number but nothing is impro...ving, and nothing is being communicated to us. As of now ,we have bought TNM sims that are currently working. See More
Tina C
· October 30, 2017
I purchased a 2GB bundle and within 3 hours, I received a message saying I have used 90% of my bundle. The updates I was doing were only 1GB and I wasn't doing anything else. Please explain to me how ...this is even possible? You people are thieves and I want my money back! See More