12 Days of Christmas Competition: The Winners are chosen. I will contact the winners tomorrow, congratulations and thanks for taking part x x
Just a wee update on donations for The Down Syndrome diaries and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you my lovely, amazing customers 💞💙😍
Total cringe but just a little update for those collecting Christmas goodies! Can you all please collect tomorrow before 4pm, that was a vital piece of info I forgot to include lol

My little watermelon baby

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Elena Mason Photography is with Peter R Pedlow and Gail Pedlow at Elena Mason Photography.

This cute little watermelon baby is ONE!!
It really is amazing how much a baby grows during that 1st year. I think that is why I'm so obsessed with capturin...g it. It's over in the blink of an eye. Where is the pause button?

Parents, please feel free to tag yourself in this photo and share with your friends!

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So I have one box of 6 mixed cupcakes if anyone wants them this morning for £10, they’d make a great Easter egg...😘😂