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    I am a Guitar player, Bass player, Keybaord player and sequencing enthusiest and Love to sing and Produce music. I keep single for many reasons but one of those I am just to busy with my artistic mind that takes presidents of all my time.

    In my days off I am an audio engineer and Video editor indepentally. always looking to expand my knowledge in all feilds of the media.

    I also love to play football Basket ball and used to play hockey lol cant skate no more lol .. that is another story just ask if you have questions also I love to dance also and just be have fun in generaly but most of all Horror movies is what I live for love to be in one some day!!
    I don't expect to find any one in this area remotely near compatible but could be wrong that's happened once ever so often every 15 years lol

    I do have a sense of humor whether it is Morbid, dry,down right silly, and Sarcastic. Why do you think I still talk to you!
    HAHAHAHAH just joking you are kool and you know this!
    enough about me I could talk about me until I am Dead LoL! just asak Questions you will get the response you deserve!!
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  • Where is my Dinner?