A few of us went up to the consulate to speak to the UK Consular General but the office was closed #StolenwealthGames #Stolenwealth #EmpireGetsSmacked
NO JUSTICE. NO GAMES. #EmpireGetsSmacked #StolenwealthGames
SuperGlue7 Media Statement - Not Guilty!

"Her plan was to take people through museums, looking at the ways colonialism continues to influence their displays and the aesthetics of art, and examine the role of empire in funding the spaces themselves"

Was Lord Nelson a white supremacist? Was Queen Victoria a thief? Alice Procter take us on one of her Uncomfortable Art Tours, which aim to show how the empire still exerts a grip on British galleries

FUCK BORDERS - LETS DANCE! fundraiser for the legends that climbed the Sydney Opera House #Manus #Nauru

In November 2017, five brave people scaled the Opera House to protest the Aus government's messed-up treatment of refugees, focusing on Manus Island.

Those same people have been lumped with enormous court fines. Still, our work to liberate refugees is not done.


WACA is hosting a folk-turned-rave warehouse fundraiser to cover the fines and donate at least 40% to RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees.

Dance to local folk musicians & DJs. Feel the speeches from refugee activists. Watch this space for the line-up.

Here in Australia, we are world leaders in cruelty. Let's support the people who are out there fighting for hope and change.
#Justice4Refugees #BringThemHere

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Sat 7:00 PM UTC+08The Compound, St Peters
80 people interested