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Maddie Wyand
· February 20, 2018
I brought my daughter to the ER for Croup last night. She has a history of developmental delays, non verbal and loves tags to soothe her. Her nurse Jason was amazing! He asked if there was anything he... could do to help her acclimate. I asked for anything she could have that had tags like shirt tags. I remembered all her other sensory items but extra tags. He thought about it for a minute then returned with a few telfa pads.. and boy were those a hit! Jason is an awesome nurse in the ER at Main always very kind and professional towards us but this time he went exceptionally above and beyond to make my little girl happy. I can not thank him enough for this! I would love it if whoever runs the Facebook page would get this back to him, because as nursing goes we may never get the chance to thank him in person again!!! See More
Tori Drouhard
· February 20, 2018
Today was day 80 in the hospital ! Our go home day !! Thank you so much for all the support , and fabulous doctors and nurses that took care of our baby.
I am so thankful to finally be home with our It won't be easy with all the follow up appts , but having him home is worth it. If it wasn't for ecmo, our son wouldn't be here.
Thank you to everyone who cared for Draven, picu and nicu you guys made are stay a bit better with your help explaining things.
Dr Spector. , Dr soldes, Dr stewart, without your healing and steady hands he wouldn't be here. (And surgery team)
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Amanda Hart
· December 15, 2017
Last night my 6 year old son broke his arm and we took him to Akron Children's ER. The entire ER staff was wonderful. The staff so kindly spoke to him directly and explained exactly what they needed t...o do to ensure he wasn't scared. They gave Mom, Dad and older brother peace of mind in such a scary situation. The doctor, nurses, orthopedic surgeon and even the woman who checked us in were so caring and sweet. This is the second time we've been to the Akron Children's ER, first for an asthma attack of a 2 year old and now a broken bone, and both times this hospital and staff gave us treatment well beyond our expectations. So a huge thank you to everyone who helped us and cared so wonderfully for our children. We can't thank you enough for making him feel at ease and putting a big smile on his face! He loves his new red cast!� See More
Cindy Morris
· April 21, 2018
Akron children's hospital is top notch!! All the Drs and staff are amazing. I want to thank Dr Katie mansell, she really took great care of our son when he came in, February this year dehydrated from... the flu and then developed orbital cellulitis. DR. Katie knew right away how to treat our son Daniel's serious condition! Can someone please let her know that we appreciate all she did for our son. It was a very scary condtion amd without quick thinking on Dr. Mansell's part, i am not sure what would of happened. I thank God every day Thank u so much akron childrens hospital! All the nurses, Drs and staff!! You are amazing!. See More
Sherry Briggs
· December 29, 2017
When my otherwise healthy 13 year old daughter became suddenly ill back in September we were forced into the ER at ACH by Akron Children's pediatrics in North Canton. Despite her symptoms being nearly... identical to my husband's kidney stone episode-we were told that outpatient testing was not an option and the only option was to go through ACH ER when the episodic pain returned. A six hour visit to the ER resulted in a diagnosis of "probably a stomach virus" but come back if it returns...and a several thousand dollar bill for us. Four days later when we were back at the ER for the second time-we finally arrived at a 9mm kidney stone diagnosis with hydronephrosis that resulted in a weekend admission. My daughter received great care over the weekend from everyone on the 6th floor and is feeling much better now.
During this one week we ended up reaching the maximum out-of-pocket on our insurance (5k). Attempting to work with patient accounts has been frustrating and difficult. Your only "payment option" is to retire the entire balance in 12 months which is unreasonable by any measure. The language on your statements threatening collections, judgments, garnishments, etc. is insulting considering the fact that I HAVE been making payments. As a recent cancer survivor, I have lots of medical bills and have satisfactorily and with ease made arrangements with many other facilities/providers. The process is impossible and tedious with ACH-requiring many many calls and follow up by me-all with the same result-"our only payment plan is 12 months".
Unfortunately, I will reserve future usage of ACH for an absolute worst case scenario situation. We will be finding a new primary care physician as well!
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Jana Aaron
· January 6, 2018
Just got home from Akron’s Children’s! Jay dislocated his pinky during a basketball game at Springfield. We could have gone to a stat care down the road but opted to go the extra five miles into Akron... to go to Children’s. They were phenomenal! The nurses, NP, X-ray tech, and Doctors picked up on Jay’s easy going attitude and ran with it! I’m thinking the duo who administered the block in Jay’s finger were pretty amazed by his composure during the procedure. He talked the whole way through. Bottom line: since this was the fifth dislocation of the same finger, Jay needs to see an orthopedic surgeon, mainly to make sure it stays in place and keep an eye on it. He will need to keep the splint on for seven to ten days and buddy tape his fingers (as he does for football) when playing basketball. But we still need to see the surgeon first. So thankful we have a premier children’s hospital so close to home! ��� See More
Lynnita Toussant
· January 30, 2018
Love all of the staff! Been in about every department in the hospital and have had an excellent experience in all. The special delivery unit is by far my favorite place here! Although things haven’t b...een the easiest, the staff is what makes things manageable and the hospital so great. Dr Rush, especially, has been such an excellent doctor throughout our whole journey. Can’t wait til this is all over but I’ll forever be thankful for all of the staff that has helped our baby along the way � See More
Katie O'Brien
· December 31, 2017
My daughter needed stitches on her face today and I can’t say enough about how positive our experience was. The valet took care of the car, we had no wait getting into triage, Mary- the suture was so kind and thoughtful....everyone made it so easy and comfortable that there were no tears shed through the whole experience. The popsicle and stuffed animal at the end made my daughter so happy. Thank you for turning a bad day into a fun story to tell her sisters about. See More
MaryBeth Siegfried
· January 7, 2018
We have been to the ER numerous times...Dr Gupta, Troy and the Intern that was working with them were amazing. And the lady who did my sons IV...amazing as well!! We have always gotten good care but t...onight was exceptional and all four should receive stars! They took time with him, checked in on him multiple times...I never felt like we were forgotten about. Thank you for the best care ever! See More
Holly Andel
· December 14, 2017
I really can’t say enough about this hospital! JJ & Kailey were amazing nurses on the 6100 floor! They went above & beyond for us. Coming from the health field myself, this place is truely top notch! ...I watched so many nurses care with their hearts & provide the best care to these children. I can’t say thank you enough!! See More
Ayesha Boykin
· February 19, 2018
My son got transfered from St.E Boardman Nicu for his congestion and a sleep study once we got there they canceled ALL his tests changes his milk and bottle and now we are being discharged smh he is ...a preemie surviving twin Dr never touched him the whole 2-3 days we been here none of the staff LISTEN TO YOU they treat mom like she dumb or don't know I'm a out of towner who has to fend for self being only breastfeeding moms get fed I'm never coming back its just a horrible experience and to much to type cause this is only half not to mention we got moved from 7 floor to 6 in the middle of night smh See More
Katie Cabrera
· April 12, 2018
My son had surgery today and it was the scariest day of my life. Everyone on staff here made it the easiest day of my life as well. Akron Children’s goes above and beyond for your family. This is a tr...ue example of what medical care is supposed to look like! See More
Dylan A Hart
· December 15, 2017
I just wanted to give a shout out to Akron Children's Hospital for their excellent care and staff who made Abel's time there last night as pleasant as any such visit could be. Our brave baby boy broke... his first bone last night at his last practice. He told the doctor how great they were at their jobs and how lucky he was to have a great family. He is such an amazing little boy. Thank you all for keeping him smiling! ♥ See More
Chelsea Zach
· January 9, 2018
We had to take our daughter up there sunday night i will say this is one of these best hospitals for kids i will for surely be coming back if i every have to take my daughter again to a hospital staff... is very friendly n wonderful n actually care about the kids See More
Michael Hussein Jerryson
· November 8, 2017
This hospital's financial handling of its medical services is absolutely horrid. It uses its larger "trauma" classification to inflate all charges for its services. My 7-year old saw someone in their ...occupational therapy. He did not improve, and his instructor there had a medical certificate, but did not have a medical doctorate. This did not stop this hospital from charging almost $400 an hour for the interaction. And when you call and request a way to dispute the charges, their help line simply recites the status quo "we are a trauma center and charges will be higher, but they are in line with the national average." See More
Breanne Williams
· October 25, 2017
My daughter had been experiencing diahera for 60 days. On 9/19 she was diagnosed with Cdiff, we were then referred to a GI doctor. Had her colonoscopy and Endoscopy with a biopsy on 10/12. Found out t...he following Tuesday she had Celiac Disease. We started her diet of gluten of 9/21, bc her Dr was leaning towards celiac disease. Needless to say she was still having diahera. So this past Sunday (10/22) we took her to ACH ER. She already had diahera 11x and vomited 5x. All ACH Er did was give her zofran and did a stool test and sent her home. She continued to get sick all night (diahera and vomited 2x). So we decided to take her to Rainbow Children's In Cleveland. By this time she had vomited a total of 7x and diahera 37x! They immediately admitted her, and attempted to hook her up to ivs. She was so dehydrated it took 3x to get the iv in her. Her veins kept blowing. Today is Wednesday and she is still on fluid in take from the ivs! There was no reason she was not put on them Sunday night! Or the fact no blood work was done. Her vitamin d level and iron level was so extremely low. We will take the 1 hr and 45 minute drive to Rainbow Children's In Cleveland before we ever go back to ACH Hospital. I will show a picture in the comments how she looked. See More
Michelle Delia
· January 16, 2018
I just want to thank the staff in the IOP program for all of their guidance and compassion the last 2 months. I feel that my family is stronger and my child is on the road to recovery. A special thank... you to Tasha and Terry, you made this program especially helpful. I can’t thank you enough!! See More
Dido Benson
· November 17, 2017
My twins were born at 24 weeks. ACH's main campus was home to my surviving twin for four months and (2.5 years later) we still go there for his follow-up ophthalmology appointments. Nearly everyone I' met there genuinely cares about my son. They saved his life and I don't think the words exist that express how truly thankful I am. Akron Children's Hospital is like our home away from home. See More
Paige Pylant
· December 31, 2017
I want to give a very big shout out to Akron children’s hospital!! They are truly amazing I am so thankful for everything they did for my daughter ! Her team of doctors and nurses were very nice and a fantastic job! Thank you for actually sitting down with us personally and explaining everything, and for taking the time to answer our questions and making sure we understood! For treating her like she’s your own child you guys are truly the best! So thank you from the bottom of my heart � See More
Suzi Lantz
· April 7, 2018
Akron Children’s is an incredible place. The nurses, doctors and staff are so wonderful. They go above and beyond and truly care. We are blessed to have such an exceptional hospital in NE Ohio.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers don't have their heads in the game tonight, it might be because they are hanging on the wall in our Adolescent Medicine Department. The wall decals belong to Dr. Crystal Cole, but Drs. Jessica Castonguay and Stephen Sondike are also big fans. Go Cavs! #WhateverItTakes #CavsPacers #nbaplayoffs #fathead #cavsin7

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For 28 years, Dr. Jeff Kempf has cared for children in our Akron ER as if they were his own. He still remembers his first patient – a complex medical case who was being seen for a high fever. Today, he cared for his last, including Rachele, and retired from the ED but will continue to lead the Global Health team on part-time basis. Thanks for your compassionate service, Dr. Kempf! #ACHMoreThanAJob

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Although the pen may not be mightier than the scalpel, pediatric surgeon Robert Parry always takes a moment to make sure a scar isn't the only lasting memory of a child's surgical procedure. Dr. Parry estimates he has created dressing drawings for more than 10,000 patients.
Hallie's End-of-Cancer-Treatment Surprise
Kaleia finishes chemo!