The Tribe wants to recognize the sacrifices that our Veterans have made. This Memorial Day is dedicated to all who served and to those who paid the ultimate price. Alillamolo to our Veterans.
It is Friday, we should all take time to thank a Veteran for our freedom. This video was put together in honor of our Veterans.
This video was supposed to be shown at the 4th of July Celebration on Saturday in honor of all of our soldiers. Due to the severe storm the screen that was to be used broke so the video could not be shown. The storm did not stop the show and we hope everyone had a great time. Please enjoy.

The Annual Earth Day clean up has been a success once again! The Tribal Environmental Department, along with other tribal departments, have done a great job putting this community event together. The Tribe would like to thank the Earth Day Committee and the numerous volunteers for all of their hard work this morning!

The tribe is very thankful to have been part of the 75th Annual Dogwood Festival this year!

We would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the following departments, individuals, and participants for helping out with the parade:
Procurement ...
Communications/Media Relations
Kirk Battise
Delvin Johnson
Tobine Alec
Elliott Abbey
Obrey Alec
Portia Alec
Cordie Battise
Augustine Beene
Tribal Princess, Christiana Johnson
Jr. Tribal Princess, Alici Thompson
Lily Alec
Seneka Beene-Williams
Shudey Beene-Williams
Sasha Williams
Aniya San Miguel
Kiana San Miguel
Kaiyah Abbey
Kiyaani Williams
Andrew Williams

The tribe would also like to thank Marie Parkinson, along with her family’s help, for participating in the Dogwood Festivities as the Visiting Duchess of The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe. Marie was escorted by Truett Mccollum of Woodville. We know it was probably an exhausting week/weekend, but we were glad to have such a beautiful young lady representing the Tribe. You did awesome, Marie!

This was definitely a memorable year and placing third in the non-commercial category of the parade was the cherry on top!

Pageant photos courtesy of Monica Parkinson.

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