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Victoria Tadlock
· December 31, 2017
No fireworks in the world better than Alamo!!!! The workers are more than helpful and really know their stuff about each individual firework!!!!! Definitely the only place I’ll ever go for fireworks!!!!! 💥💥💥💥
Ricky Carrera
· December 31, 2017
Got sold some black cats that were only worth a 1 the lady told me they were worth 4$ ended up gettin ripped off 10$ last time ill make that mistake just be on guard to the prices of the items your pu...rchasing opportunists at large See More
Junnie Browneyes Suggs
· July 2, 2016
Walked in, fireworks gated off like there the last ones in the world. First young man behind the gate we encountered was delightful and has experienced others nationalities second person was a lukewar...m young lady didn't spend very much time with her! Third representative, again a young man super nice and informative on what's a good deal and what's not. Even invited us to rummage through pre-packaged fireworks to choose which one we wanted, because each were a little different-when all of a sudden a very tall random man outside of the gate approaches first saying nothing but ma'am and gesturing like he was confused as to why we were handling the pre-packaged items, finally the second word(s) began to form from his face then it off his mouth"your not supposed to reach into the basket, you need to wait till they hand it to you" my response was young man is next to us and he allowed us to choose our own. Just when was about to ask who he was, I remembered who was THE PURCHASER and left with all my money in my pocket. Upon exiting, the same man says to my family "didn't mean no harm" NO RESPONSE...... See More
Tanya Tucker Mikijanis
· July 3, 2016
Went and bought over $200 worth or fireworks at the Rockwall location. Everyone there was great. I asked if I bought them there if I could go to Forney and set them off at the Alamo location there, is listed on the website as a location for shooting them off. I was told I could and to make sure to keep the receipt so I could show that we bought them from Alamo. Great. Next day my friends, who also bought a few hundred worth of fireworks at the same time, all drove out to Forney. When we get there we are told that the website is wrong and they haven't let them be shot off from there in TWO YEARS..... we were given a map of two other places we could go. We went to one location we were given a map from FROM ALAMO in Ferris. We got there and they don't allow them to be fired off there. We went to the only other on the map we got at the Forney Alamo for a location off Dowdy Ferry, since we are now stuck with hundreds of dollars in fireworks and no where to go. We paid $20 each car to get in. The place was horrible and we left very quickly. Never ever again will I buy from Alamo and will instruct every one else not to either. I am stuck with tons of fireworks. Had the website been updated, I wouldn't have even bothered to get fireworks since I have no where to let them off. I am out a tank of gas and too much money. See More
El Zavala
· December 27, 2015
No no no.!!! To too tooooo expensive.!!! One Saturn missilesof 100shts and buy 1 get one free ok and then a voodoo ball that it is $30 each im like okay?? And some bottle rockets.! When they charged i came out paying $97 i got raped.!!! Right there and then
Smh smh.!!!!! Sorry alamo i like you products but you all are to damn expensive.!!
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Amber Pacheco
· July 3, 2015
I10 beorne alamo warehouse is one of the best stores I have been to. Everyone was so helpful! The staff helping choose my fireworks were very knowledgeable which made me want to buy more.. they all very friendly I would definitely recommend this store to anyone. I have absolutely no complaints See More
Jason Barton
· July 3, 2016
Very expensive and 80% of the wicks fall out making it impossible to even light the firework. Then the wicks that don't fall out won't even burn. This place is the worst fireworks I have ever purchased.
Travis Warren
· July 3, 2015
I honestly feel ripped off by this place, and I bought one assortment package for $30 and a package of Roman candles buy one get one free for $24 when they ring me up they try to charge me $75? Even a...fter that she fixes it and my total is still $62? For two items are you serious? Last time I'll ever be purchasing from here again See More
Ashley Daggett
· December 31, 2017
Best fireworks ever!!!! Great quality, awesome customer service!
Lila Waitforit Sayas
· July 5, 2017
Some stuff is pricey but I love all the coupons & buy 1get 1free deals. The guy forgot to put the plugs so that sucked & charged us wrong but I'll probably still buy some stuff from them.
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