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4 track album
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secrets to good guitar tone:

1. turn the gain down
2. turn the bass guitar up
3. play harder...
4. write better riffs

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was considering writing some music today but In Vain's Aenigma completely outclassed anything I could have came up with so I didn't

Tracklist: 01. Against The Grain - 00:00 02. Image Of Time - 07:05 03. Southern Shores - 12:45 04. Hymne Til Havet - 14:46 05. Culmination Of The Enigma - 19...

A quick sound clip from the new CD!

A short clip from the new Alas, Tyranny EP "The Cycle of the Void"

Updates on "The Cycle of the Void":

Bass is going tremendously well! The LTD B-206SM is a fantastic sounding instrument, as you can hear in the following teaser

All that's left is to finish vocals, and it will be complete.


There's a possible section for a guest solo. Contact me if you're interested.

Also, kittens.

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Image may contain: cat and indoor

Just got done recording acoustic guitars for the new CD. The AKG Perception 420 is an amazing microphone.

Check it out on bandcamp! As always, free downloads of the whole catalog.

Alas, Tyranny

Electric guitars are halfway done. Now it's time for the hard parts.

Guitars are setup and prepped for recording. There's going to be a lot of acoustic on this EP.

The title for the new EP is "The Cycle of the Void."

Acoustic guitar scratch tracks are done -- sounding excellent! Can't wait to record with a better mic, stand, quiet room, etc...

Architecture is complete. The foundation has been laid down. It is time to build.

Finished a new song... 4 song EP will be out by the end of the year. It's about fucking time

But never do you question a hidden corruption, drawing first a blank, and then a gun

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