6 days left of the 3 week long altitude camp here in Flagstaff,AZ.Its gone suprisingly fast,and I wouldnt mind being longer.But,I look forward going back home to Norway as well.Sierra Nevada awaits in the end of May,so I think I got the altitude covered for the Olympics:).Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

Fantastisk morsomt og inspirerende intervju med Åge Storhaug fra 1962

Amazing funny and inspiring interview with åge storhaug from 1962

Tanker går ut til familie og venner av Åge Storhaug.En av de virkelig store i norsk idrett.Tusen takk for boken og ordene du skrev

Thoughts go out to family and friends of åge storhaug. One of the really big in Norwegian Sports. Thank you for the book and the words you wrote

Been in Flagstaff for 5 days now,and it has gone better then expected. Have adapted to the altitude and time-differens from Norway (-9 hours). Crossing my fingers that I stay healthy and injury-free during the next 3 weeks. Have a wonderful sunday everybody.

Heading to Flagstaff,Arizona. High Altitude camp! YEAH!!

April fools!Not moving to Japan,even tho i´d like too.Funny when a couple of journalists called to confirm.. #1st #april

Moving to Japan untill London Olympics.Looking forward to train with the group at NTS

Alexander Dale Oen updated their cover photo.
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“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.” - Muhammed Ali
– Muhammed Ali

Picking up my new car today, Subaru XV. vrooom vroom


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Xtremeidfjord is with Robin Dale Oen and 2 others.

First team to cross the finishline at Garen, Eidfjord! 28 h 39 min 30 sek after the start, the flagg was planted! Press "like" to congratulate Team leader Robin, Tor, Mats, Eskil and Matias! All members of Team Dale Oen! Photo: Maria Philippa Rossi

Robin Dale Oen og Team Dale One er snart i mål som vinner av Expedition Amundsen Race, etter 100km med 80kg pulk over Hardangervidden. Sjekk ut mere på!/Xtremeidfjord

Robin Dale that and team dale one are soon in goal winning by expedition amundsen race, after 100 km of 80 kg pulk over hardangervidden. Check out more at!/Xtremeidfjord

Instant hit!What a beautiful song to start the week with! #coldplay

Starting up the week with this beauty of a song! Hope all of you are ready to have a super monday!!

The new single, Charlie Brown, from Coldplay's chart-topping album Mylo Xyloto. Click here to buy Mylo Xyloto Video directed ...

Stolt å være Ambassadør for en så fantastisk kjekk og inspirerende organisasjon som MOT. Lykke til dei neste 15 årene!

Proud to be ambassador for such an amazing handsome and inspiring organization as courage. Good luck for the next 15 years!
I dag er det 15 år siden MOT ble startet 22. februar 1997. I 15 år har MOT sådd verdier og holdninger, og bygd varmere og tryggere lokalsamfunn.

Another short-film about flyging.Seems like I cant get enough of these kind of films nowadays. #flying #esthetic #base