Dear Kingsman, I have some proprietary bionics that you might be interested in. Call me! Kingsman: The Golden Circle

“Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discret...
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“The end is a new beginning, but the beginning always brings an end, so f**k it.” -Krieger Kwote #ArcherFX

It’s Wild Wednesdays down here in my lab, an absolute step up from Tainty Tuesdays. What was I thinking? #ArcherFX

Am I living the dream life, or what? I literally have no guidelines. I’m a feather in a hurricane over here. #ArcherFX

I still have some scopolamine spray. Time for some pony play with Cyril. #giddyup #ArcherFX

Shout out to all the desert space in the American West, you really help me blow some shit up. #ArcherFX

“Given the proper chance, everyone would bone a robot. Everyone.” -Krieger Kwote #ArcherFX

On this day in 1939, Siam changed it’s name to Thailand. Conjoined twins, however, decided to stick with it. #ArcherFX

“You can grow a beard on a pig, but you can’t grow a pig from a beard.” -Krieger Kwote #ArcherFX

I’m working on a new holographic “Archer Ghost” to haunt the shit out of Cyril, nobody tell him. #ArcherFX

I finally figured out the secret to Tesla’s earthquake machine. Get ready for some Krieger Kwakes, bitches! #ArcherFX

It’s weird not having Archer around because now everyone gets along really well. #ArcherFX

I finally watched The Shining and I think it’s the most romantic movie ever made. #bringtissues #ArcherFX

Has anyone seen my girlfriend lately? Because I’m starting to think I left her in NY a year ago. #ArcherFX

I may have discovered a way to genetically engineer living garden gnomes, but what would I do with them? #ArcherFX