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  • Owner/Operator/CoachDecember 17, 2017 to present
  • Owner/ Community Outreach for Body Works Collision CenterAugust 2006 to presentMurrieta, California
    My husband grew up in the auto body industry, watching it change and become something he is not proud of, he has become so passionate to make it what it once was. Today many standards are not what they should be, specially when it comes to putting families back into a safe vehicle, for most insurance companies it's about saving money...period. Body Works Collision Center lives and breaths principal over profit, for the betterment of industry, customer service and community. We strive to teach our children and people around us that owning a business in this industry is more than about laying down and compromising your integrity for referrals, to make a quick buck. It's about developing and making better the things that matter. Like fixing the vehicle with integrity no matter who is paying the bill, It's about building relationships and investing in your community for everyone's families and future. It's about earning your business, to help keep your quality up and service as great as it can be! I'm very proud of my husband Douglas Albin for fighting this fight one vehicle at a time, you will make a difference!
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  • Truly adore, love and miss all my family and friends!

    Live in Murrieta, CA and love it! Married 16 years with 3 crazy boys! Love Jesus, my kids, and my husband with all my heart!! Truly adore and love but miss all my family and friends!
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  • People wrapped up in themselves make small packages?