Wanted to take a monument to thank everyone who has visited our page up to this point and shown us support. I have posted before that we have taken steps to make the beautiful stuff you see available to purchase. That time is finally here in the next couple days Alikatz Fashion will be getting a brand new look and you will not only be able to see the beautiful things we have you will be able to purchase them. As some of you know already that we pride ourselves in being differ...ent than the other companies offering jewelry and accessories. We want to give you not only the top quality in the product you get from us at a price that comes way below the quality your receiving. Whether we made the item or it's a vintage piece from the 1950's if it has our Ali's stamp of approval we stand behind its quality and it's authentication. What you pay for from us is what you receive but we believe in going a step further so don't be surprised when you see the specials we put out and the how to posts as well that will be coming your way. We don't want to be known for just bugging you with buy, buy, type stuff we want long term relationships with our customers. As you enjoy what we are offering to you we want us to be apart of your future needs. From gifts for your family to collections your adding to or even getting that first one there is no boundaries to why. We just want to be there to help you and be your place to come. So as a special thanks just mention this post and write down this code #AKF001NEW and get 15% off your first purchase. The doors will be opening with in a couple days we will sending out invites to the new store Grand Opening if you would call it to all the ones who have liked us up to this point. See you soon
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Some new pictures of merchandise out at the Barton Creek Farmers Market. This Saturday from 9-1 we will be launching our new promotion. We will have many exciting things to win along with the Alikatz Christmas Glitter Ball coming in December we will have all the info on these and some other up and coming things this Saturday at our both. If you can't make it out there we will also be posting all the info on our page here Saturday as well.