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Sheridan Earle
· June 10, 2012
I love their cappuccinos! And just tried the honey turkey, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on italian bread. It was delicious and huge for a good price. Can't beat this place :)
Kristen Liebsch
· May 31, 2014
Really gonna miss this place:( and the Battery Park you Tom and Donna...thanks for being there all these sad to see you go. Good luck in your future!!!
Jennifer McNulty Breen
October 18, 2013
Enjoyed a Brooklyn for lunch - delicious! Pleasant and personable owners using fresh and local foods, prepared with a passion for serving their community.
Cindy Wilmarth Marvin
· December 3, 2013
Love this place! Tom and his crew serve wonderful sandwiches, whether it is breakfast or lunch. Highly recommend A Little Something Nice!

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Happy Birthday Tom!! The coolest Guy we know!!!


Hi Guys. Today is our last yard sale.We still have some shelves, coffee cups, kitchen utensils and knick-knacks. Today is the last, though, so come out and take something home with you. Price too high? Make an offer. Also, we have some appliances and sinks on Philadelphia Craigslist. Prices and photos listed. They will be listed until they sell. Thanks. God bless you all.

Rich, bold, and a little bitter. Whether you call it Joe, Java, a cuppa, or something else, who doesn't like coffee? There are so many coffee drinks out there; which one are you?

Happy Independence Day to everyone. Tomorrow is our third yard sale. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

One more hour til the end of the yard sale. We still have a few more things to go. If you are interested in larger items (pannini grills, under counter refrigerators, tables and chairs, etc.) they are listed on Craigslist. Thanks so much. We miss each and every one of you.

Hi Gang! Second yard sale will be tomorrow at 27 Melvin Road, Telford. We have lots of small items left: coffee cups and accessories, decorations, etc. We also have some larger items (also listed on Craigslist under "restaurant equipment"; including coffee machine, espresso machine, tables and chairs, our famous pannini grills, two under the counter refrigerators, and more. Come on out and take home "A Little Something Nice".

Today's the day. Come and take home a memory of ALSN. Yard sale goes from 8am to 2pm. We also have some appliances (pannini grills, refriges, etc.) that we are selling. Have a great weekend.

Hey gang! Tomorrow is the yard sale. It will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am until 2pm. We have LOTS of stuff from coffee mugs to decorations to tables and chairs (even two refrigerators). Come on out to 27 Melvin Road in Telford and take home "A Little Something Nice".

I know that you all are fans of A Little Something Nice. But how many of you are also yard sale fans? Well, we will be holding a yard sale at 27 Melvin Road, Telford on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 6,7,8, 2014 featuring the items from ALSN. The list includes (but is not limited to): kitchen utensils, decorations, shelves, tables, even trash cans and a mop bucket. Come on out and take home a piece of A Little Something Nice, this weekend. Raindate: June 20,21,22, 2014. Thanks

It's moving day at ALSN! Need something to do? Wanna serve some locals?! We could use All the hands we can get! Meeting at 9:30 and working until it's all moved out!! See you there Thanks again for being awesome and supporting us all these years!

It's our last day, and our customers have been just as amazing as ever! We were worried we'd have a lot of leftover food, but people are coming in droves and we are pretty much out of everything! Thank You Everyone who has stopped by today and thanks again for the last 11 years!!! We're going to miss all of you!

Today is the day! Please come out so we can show our love and appreciation for you all!! Starts around 3 and we'll be going for a bit, so if need to you come later than that, no worries! See you later!

Sat 3:30 PM EDTA Little Something NiceLansdale, PA
18 people went

Hi gang. The time is quickly slipping away. Starting next week (our last week of business) we will be selling off all of our equipment, furnishings and decorations. If you are interested in taking home a piece of "A Little Something Nice" we have a full list of items (everything from freezer, espresso machine to cups and plates) with original price and asking price. Thanks to all of you. We will miss you profoundly.

Come and give A Little Something Nice a proper send off!
On Saturday, May 24th, at 3 pm, we’re inviting you to come out and celebrate the fun times and memories made at A Little Something Nice Café. The shop will be closing at 3 pm so food will not be for sale, but we will have some light refreshments available! Any questions just post them here. Hope to see you there!