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🌿 Plant-based substitutes🌿

Explore the eclectic world of vegan cuisine, while keeping the textures and flavours you love, with this list of common ingredient substitutes and ratios.

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Walking for a Healthy Heart
Ginger for Immune System Support
Detox for Spring
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Zoe Mac
· February 2, 2016
I've been a reader of Alive since the early days of 1995 and completed a course in Applied Nutrition via correspondence from the Alive Academy of Nutrition in 1996 while residing overseas. I just love... the way the magazine has grown and developed over the years keeping with the advancements and the ever changing nutritional habits. Thank you Alive! Thank you to the Editor and thanks to all the contributors who help make the Alive Magazine the number #1 Health Magazine that it is! A big thank you is due for the past Editors and contributors whose journey was a difficult one to bring the Alive to the world. Bravo to you all! Happy New Year! See More
Lori Virginia Pederson
· March 31, 2016
I've just been flipping through the April 2016 magazine issue that I picked up today along with my course materials. This is a high quality magazine! I love that there are 4 articles in this issue d...ealing with prevention and fighting of cancer. Glad to see an article promoting gardening for kids. There is a wonderful balance in the magazine with ads, thought-provoking articles on health and lifestyle, and recipes and articles about food. Well done! See More
John Bentley
· October 6, 2017
Great articles and place to find information on new products
Jen Mount
· October 14, 2017
Very disappointed at the exploitive nature of the cover of issue 420, Oct 2017. Female figure with nightie up above her waist exposing scantily clad pubic region. Wouldn't expect this kind of photo i...n Cosmopolitan or even Hustler not a Health and Wellness magazine See More
Corin Hamilton
· September 14, 2014
This magazine has LITERALLY changed my life, I happened to pick it up in my doctors office and after 2 years of self teaching myself about holistic health, aromatherapy and the food system I stumbled ...on a add for Holistic Nutritiionist schools and WHAM, I knew I had found my calling !!!!!!!! Now the highlight of my trip to my natural health store is my new copy of Alive. LOVE it and keep up the great work. See More
Laura Jamieson
· November 23, 2016
Super article on drinking warm beverages in the winter. Golden Milk is very yummy. Tastes great with either brown rice beverage or almond milk.
Yihan Danielle Felix
· August 9, 2016
Great magazine I learned a lot from this publication over the years. Thank you for being on the forefront of natural health
Brad Reddekopp
· June 11, 2016
This magazine tends to promote pseudo-science and even anti-science in the dishonest guise of "natural health."
Ebony Jade Guy-Villon
· January 28, 2017
Note to editor: Greek yoghurt is NOT vegan.
Please correct your 'vegan protein' list.
Kristi Friesen
· March 5, 2015
Great source of health information and love the recipes. The no bake raspberry cheesecake from the February issue was a hit!
Mila Radovanovic
· December 23, 2016
Just love this magazine! Just learned how Danish are surviving their winter months....practising hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"), concept of cozines, connection and comfort. Canadiens can learn something... from them too.😀 See More
Jennifer Anderson
November 12, 2012
Are you aware that over 20 countries have banned or restricted the import, distribution, sale, utilization, field trials and commercial planting of GMO’s. Canadians deserve the right to know what we eating. We deserve the right to choose! Please sign and share this- See More
Sylvie Savage
· January 31, 2017
great way to find out what's new and exciting in the industry.
Gwendolyn Foxall Megrian
· March 31, 2016
I love learning l and discovering what is really the truth about what is good for your body and mind
Caroline Atkin
· October 21, 2013
Love getting my free Alive magazine every month (available at most health food stores) and I keep them around for all the great recipes.
Johan C Van Staden
· April 3, 2016
alive Magazine is inspirational, helpful and adds value to every day.
Larissa Katriina Lee
October 2, 2012
Dear Alive, why are you promoting low-fat dairy when it is a well known fact that we humans need saturated fat and cholesterol to maintain healthy body, including brain?
Chandler Armstrong
· June 19, 2014
We've advertised the Body Soul & Spirit Expos in Alive in the past and alway found reach our audience for the Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Lynn Pepper
· February 20, 2016
I have to get my monthly mag of Alive aww that's my fav
Aeron Rykert
· January 8, 2017
I love this magazine ! I look forward to reading it from cover to cover every month:)