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Debbie N Nick Welch
· August 7, 2014
Michelle is a great Insurance agent and one of my dear friends!!
Gerry Slabaugh
· November 4, 2014
Great service, great people

Come join us for our annual Business After Hours and Customer Appreciation BBQ! There will be drawings for all ages along with free food and booths. We hope to see all of our clients and members of our community!

Due to the extreme weather we may not be able to be open tomorrow. Daycare may be closed and roads not safe. If you need to make a payment or need other assistance call our office number at 459-2788. Phones are being forwarded.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We thank you for your patience.


We have a box in our office for donations for the Chaotic Rider's 2016 Annual Toy Drive. All donations will be given to WICAP in Caldwell. Please stop in to say hi and drop off some toys, let's make it a great Christmas for the children in our community! 🎄🎀🎁

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Please keep your eye out for Andy. He is really loved and missed.

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