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Jonathan Bowling
· November 16, 2016
Best Bass boat I've ever had the pleasure of driving and fishing out of! I have owned, fished out of and road in almost every bass boat known to man and the Allison XB21 is by far the best of the best... for fishing and pleasure! I have found my last bass boat........ period! See More
James Watson
· February 26, 2015
Ive owned a Grand Sport Elite for 10 years now. Had boats since i was 6 years old 51 now. My dad had a ocean front cottage. Ive been in alot of boats and worked as a Commercial Salmon and Halibut fish...erman on Canada's north west coast to the Alaska Boarder. ive always wanted a boat that would last. all my boats from the old wood ones from the late 60,s to the fibreglass ones i bought into the 90,s seem to break or start to rot sooner or later and we just slow. I started searching for Kevlar boats on the web and these Allison kept coming up. never heard of them but i liked what i saw!! the no rot construction really appealed to me and size range was on the money also. Then i started finding out about how fast they were with little power and how they handled rough water. Well it sounded to good to be true but i knew after tons of research there was no other boat I was going to have! I found a Grandsport in South Carolina 5000 miles away but I wasn't going to let her slip away. Flew in to Charlotte bought her, got some lessons on how to safely drive her on lake Murry then arranged for transport up to North Western Canada close to Alaska.
Ill tell you there is no other boat I will ever own except another Allison! Every time i drive her she is awe inspiring and my friends who own {other} boats cant believe how smooth and quick she is with just a 225 on her. I go for rides with my friend in there boats and cant wait to get off to hop in mine. The feeling is hard to describe to anyone who hast been in an Allison. My GSE is a 2000 model year and looks like brand new 15 years of boating and trailering to various lakes. Skiing and Tubing with the Family and thousands of high speed runs. Always with my PFD and lanyard attached i might add :] i feel very lucky to have to found the perfect boat for my family and I to grow up with. She has always got us home safe even when the weather and water turns unexpectedly. I know i can rely on her to slice the water to get us back to the ramp. Outstanding quality and would highly tell anyone if there looking for a new sport boat to drive an Allison before they make a purchase. You'll be glad you did.
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Derrick Fortner
· November 15, 2014
Allison boats are not only the best the people are to in 1988 my dad and I were going fishing and was driving by Allison boats there was a man out side working an a red and white xb2002 so we stopped see if we could look at it the man was happy to tell us he said he would take us for a ride and said by the way my name is Darris Allison the next week dad went to Kingston and bought the red and white xb2002 we had the boat until 2009 when my mom had to sell it when my father passed away one day I will own one to take my kids fishing in no better boats or people See More
Gary Penza
· January 6, 2017
My 1995 Allison xb2002 has been run hard for 20 years and is indestructible! Looks as new as it did when it came out of the show room . Not a single gel coat crack anywhere and I've only waxed it once!
Chuck Mercado
· August 19, 2015
I have a 1985 xtb 21 with a off shore 2.5 on it..and it is still as solid as ever I have had it 15 years...And as far as the ride it is amazing...even in the 90s and if I have to slow down for wake on... the water it doesn't matter what kind of bass boat your in (any of the other brands) you will slow down too...and as far as speed ALLISON'S are unmatched.. See More
Casey Vandenhanenberg
· October 5, 2014
Still saving my pennies to buy a used ally, but from the over 8 months of research I've been doing these boats are just ridiculously awesome!! Just wish there was more in Canada that I can find. But t...hey must be good because a used ally is very hard to find... And a 20 year old looks better than any 10 year old boat from any other brand! Keep up the great work guys! Can't wait to join the ally owner family! See More
Ross Chappell
· February 23, 2014
Honestly, there are some exceptional boats out there being produced that are above the rest. I would be proud to own some of them, others I wouldn't own if they were given to me. But this industry ha...s a hierarchy that is much like a pyramid. The "base" is wide and is the biggest part. It takes a lot to form and its the lowest level. As you go up, there area is smaller, but it is more refined. Ultimately, the very top is the pinnacle - the highest point at which it is impossible to go any higher. ALLISON Boats ARE the pinnacle.There are plenty below them, none beside (equal) them and the only thing above them is the Good Lord above smiling down on this company. Allison is simply The BEST line-up of boats period. See More
Tre' Evans
· January 4, 2015
For over 30 years my family has owned Allison Boats 13ft,15ft, 2 SST bass boats, g20, and my favorite a SS 2000. If you want to ride on the water any old boat will do. If you want to OWN the water in ...ANY condition only an Allison will do. See More
Shane Phillips
· June 23, 2014
I personally own two drag hulls and a xtb 2002 center console bass boat . The workmanship and craftsmanship it A plus all Allison boats are more a investment they all ways have the best resale value t...han another other boat out there . That is if you can find a owner that would even sell .. Great job to all the people @ Allison boats See More
Melanie Ward Johnson
· March 10, 2015
5 Stars PERIOD, we own a Bassport XB21 2+2, there is NO OTHER BOAT out there I will sit in and even attempt to let my husband go 80+ mph in choppy water and feel as safe as I do in our Allison. Simpl...y put, this is the best boat on the market. I love my Allison Boat! You are doing yourself an injustice by not trying out an Allison, once you ride in one, trust me it's over, you are sold! See More
Mike Lampkins
· September 13, 2015
I've been in strokers Allison and bullets currently own a bullet I love it but soon upgrading to the Allison plenty of room fast and very stabile and the headlights is a plus I fish a lot of night do...wn tournaments down here in so fla See More
Tim Broughton
· November 16, 2016
If your a fisherman you owe it to yourself to get a test ride in an Allison XB21. Just find one get a ride and judge for yourself. I know it's hard to believe what the owners say but , one ride and'll get it! See More
Steve D Glenn
· May 17, 2015
What a fantastically built boat! Just because it's light don't mean it won't last a long time. My 98 drag has gone down the track for many years, and not a crack,scratch or any defect anywhere on it.... Kudos to allison boats!! World class performance for sure!! See More
Riley Carroll
· August 2, 2017
Best boat on in the boating world!
I love my ss2000
Richard Jamerson
· February 19, 2015
Hands down the best boat ride I ever had in rough water and there is nothing slow about it only gripe is the back deck is kinda small other than that a nice boat
Todd Wickstrom
· June 4, 2017
Simply amazing boat that never seems to get old.
Craig Johnson
· December 1, 2013
Don't let the rumors fool ya. These boats will out ride a lot of the big brands and not get you wet!!! I highly recommend them.
Jerry Wilkinson
· March 21, 2016
Im still running the XB2002 I bought off Chigger Sisco back in the early 90's still looks new and will still out run bout anything out there.Never had a hull or transom problem.You either own one or f...ollow one!Great boats See More
Steve Cleinmark
· March 23, 2014
Too notch boats. All around a great package for fishing, going fast,smooth,and weekend boating with friends. Never will own any other bass boat.
Kevin Schweer
· December 7, 2013
What other boat under 21ft,seats 5 and still gets over 100 with 225 hanging out back? Ill prob keep my ole gs for many, many yrs to come
BasSport Pro Elite's E-Ped
The Allison has the deepest "V" and longest keel of any bass boat. It lifts up and slices waves instead of trying to pound through them. Whereas production bass boats have a shallow "V", a short keel line (with an exaggerated long nose), they pound waves. A combination of Allisons hull design characteristics and the durable/rigid/ high tech construction determines how a boat will accelerate and ride with a given amount of power. The Bassport is designed to catch and out pace production bassboats running in rough water.
Runnin rough water. Chasing the big girls!

Bassmaster Central Open #1 on Ross Barnett

Here’s some great pics our Allison Pro Fisherman, Teb Jones, talking with other anglers at the Bassmaster Central Open #1 on Ross Barnett Reservoir in Ridgeland, MS. Looks like the anglers had to contend with a lot of rain and rough water over the course of the tournament. The tournament concludes this afternoon with Teb finishing 61/166 (Day 2 standings) in his XB-21 BasSport Pro Elite.

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Now That’s A Wrap!

Check out this amazing wrap on Cory and Christine Kramer’s XB-21 BasSport Pro! Cory and Christine are both avid anglers and fished the Texas Team Trail together this past year. Cory also fishes on the Western Costa FLW Series, AZ BASS Nation, and the WON Bass US Open.

Let’s give Cory and Christine a BIG Thumbs Up LIKE on their great looking Allison boat! Thanks Cory and Christine for sharing and being part of the Allison family!