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A neat visualization of the Itpocolypse route that I made for Pecha Kucha but won't be able to use. I love just how foreign these routes are from anything a human would ever devise.
(1/8) Hey it's a cold and gross Friday, so let's talk about routes for all of ITP and how they're made! As you can see from the above animation of what our next ride will be, these routes are not something a human would ever devise. Which is great because it would be a giant pain in the ass for me. So I made some software that solves a classic routing problem called the Chinese Postman problem to produce our routes. What is the Chinese Postman problem? Let's take a dive in to some graph theory...
Route is up for Sunday's ride! Link in profile or here:

I think it's a pretty good snail! Join us on Thursday, National Escargot Day, for a silly @atlcyclingfest snail ride at Georgia Beer Garden at 6:30. And a special All of ITP bonus for the week: a special achievement for the person who completes the most new ITP miles during the Atlanta Cycling Festival! Get on your bikes and ride!

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Hey ITP explorers! Let's try something new for May: ITP photo scavenger hunt! If you go to your dashboard, you'll see a section for "photo achievements" for fun stuff to find around the city. Of course, as soon as I put the scavenger hunt in place, @kenneth_pararo went and instantly found one of the most valuable items: maybe the last payphone in the city?

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