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  • I have created this page to keep my sports separated from my personal page. I am originally from Baltimore, which means the Orioles, Ravens, Washington Capitals, MD Terps, and the Baltimore Colts are the teams that stir my passion. I am also very passionate for "Dem Cowboys"

    Living in Florida now, I have grown somewhat attached to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Gators. I am very passionate about the NHL, NFL, and MLB. I follow from a distance NASCAR and come April the NBA...

    I prefer defense to offense and old school over new school. I like the NFL of the 70's, the NHL of the 80's and anything pre-steroids in baseball. Although I do not care who uses the juice, I just have more respect for the guys that hit 500 HR's without them.

    The guys that played the games I love and admired the most are: Johnny U, Roger Staubauch, Randy White, Jim McMahon, Emmitt Smith and Ray Lewis in football......Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken and now, win lose or draw Josh Hamilton in baseball. In hockey it is Wayne Gretzky, Scott Stevens, Patrick Roy and of the Great 8.

    I believe coaching makes the team, not the players. I am all about the name on the front and not the name on the back...

    My favorite coaches past and present are Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi, Lefty Driesell, Scotty Bowman, Coach K, and Bill Belichick.

    I have been to hundreds of sporting events, including 2 Worlds Series (79 & 83), Super Bowl XIII, The NHL All Star Game in 1992, and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006. My great wife took me to the 2010 Daytona 500 and I attended two Coca Cola 600's living in Charlotte.
    My favorite Baltimore sports memories I attended include, Game 7 of the 79 world series, the 1977 AFC playoff game (Ghost to the Post), The 1978 Monday Night Football game between the Colts and Redskins (Jones return to throw the Colts to victory), The Final O's game at Memorial Stadium (sat next to Jim McKay), Both the Colts and Ravens final games in the largest outdoor insane asylum. Cal Ripken’s FINAL game of the streak (2632), Brooks Robinson last HR and the 1989 Preakness when Sunday Silence nosed out Easy Goer.
    Here are ten of the greatest games I think were ever played, in no particular order.

    1. 1980 USA win over Russia, then the game to beat Finland for the Gold
    2. Game 7 of the 2001 WS, Diamondbacks rally against Rivera in ninth to beat Yankees.
    3. 2010 Winter Olympic Hockey Finals,
    4. 1987 Patrick Division Semi-finals which needed 4 overtimes and ended 2:00 am Easter Morning,
    5. 1958 NFL Championship (has to be, it has the name)….
    6. Super Bowl, 43, 42, 38, 36 and of course Super Bowl
    7. Games 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the 2004 A.L.C.S all Red Sox wins 8. 1981 AFC Divisional playoff game San Diego beat Miami
    9. 1992 elite eight game…Kentucky vs. Duke
    10. 1974 ACC championship game Maryland Vs NC State
Favorite Quotes
  • It is what it is............Luck is what happens when preparation meets hard work.....Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing