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Wayne Lewis
· October 3, 2015
Thanks Damian & Lisa for a very informative and educational defensive driver course today. The skills & knowledge received through your professionally delivered course has given us increased confidenc...e to handle many different situations should they occur. A course like this should be compulsory for not only new drivers but anyone wanting to improve their skills or even before they teach their own kids how to drive so the basic fundamentals like posture, hand positioning, mirror setups and scanning skills are taught correctly from day 1. Thankyou See More
Tracey Murray
· July 19, 2014
Wanted to say a huge thank you to Faxy for today's lesson with Keely. After a 3 hour lesson she has driven so much better tonight. We had an extremely terrifying moment driving home along the coast tonight, when a man was walking in the middle of the road in the dark, Keels stayed very calm and in the split second we had she avoided running him over, without over correcting herself. Thanks Faxy saved some idiots life tonight!!! See More
Leana Johnson
· January 11, 2016
Damien, you are honestly the best driving instructor, so calm and so open to teaching! Thank you for your help with getting my license
Petrina Jarvis
· June 13, 2014
Amazing! Great course. Damian was so informative and went above and beyond in his instruction. Can not recommend you highly enough. So glad we booked this 4WD course. Give you 10 stars! Thanks so much!
Gavin Dale Rawson
· January 12, 2014
Alan's experience and calm approach to solving any pressure situation provides an excellent how to for any occasion.
Defensive Driving Courses with Pursuit Performance Driving. Provide a Christmas gift that could safe your child's life and they can have heaps of fun at the same time. They will learn what do do in the event of an emergency - safe cornering techniques - hazard avoidance - ABS braking - safe seating / posture for airbags / seat belts / vision / bracing - System of Vehicle Control - Smiths System of Observation - techniques for driving at night - driving in wet weather driving / aquaplaning / braking and acceleration techniques - driving on unsealed roads - refresher on road rules - proactive driving / anticipation - advanced reversing techniques - pivot points - vehicle maneuvering and parking - drink driving - fatigue management . This is a comprehensive professional driving course specifically designed for improving the safety of young drivers. Book at (Footage recorded during Australian Federal Police recruit training, Madura Park, Canberra.)

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