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What is ALS?
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Laura Stanley
· February 7, 2018
I would include a negative if possible. They don't live by their motto and only contact you when it's walk time and they want you to raise money to pay their salaries! The smaller organizations ar...e the ones that actually care and help! See More
Barbara Lowes
· November 4, 2017
This new drug does no good in the fight with Als, my mom is getting stronger and stronger day by day after we applied the herbal formula on her. I honestly think herbal formula are the best with the f...ight with Als and I'll recommend everyone to give it a try.

There's no harm in trying
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Albert Jones
· November 2, 2017
My mother was diagnosed with ALS in May 2016. Her doctor put her on riluzole, letting her know there was no cure but the medication might provide her a few more months of delayed symptoms. ALS at different rates and affects different body parts first. My mother, being 73 at the time, fell into a category of what they call "fast progression" (older female). Her arms weakened first, then her hands, her mouth, and throat, and finally her lungs. Throughout her two-and-a-half-year ordeal, she was able to walk with assistance nothing was really working to help her condition.I took her off the riluzole (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started her on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis herbal formula i ordered from Health Herbal Clinic(dr.peter'sherbalhome) , her symptoms totally declined over a 5 weeks use of the ALS disease natural herbal remedy. She's now almost 75 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed!! with the help of dr peter wise ,contact peterwiseherbalcenter today call and add him on whatsapp via +2349059610643 See More
Trevor James Insdorf
· December 21, 2017
All my faith lies within this organization. I lost my mother 3 years ago to ALS. ALS has left me traumatized with what I had to witness as her caretaker. Pray for a future without this disease.
Nethra Meram
· January 18, 2018
I was really clueless What is ALS until n unless my immediate family member started to suffer with... It's really hard to accept such kind of abnormalities in health person. I wonder why deadth is so ...slow with all these procedure's Rather one go ... I would be most happiest person if the possibility of ALS cured and hope our researchers work on it.... See More
Hollie Mlek
· October 14, 2017
Hoping we find a cure soon, we need it! Prayers to those suffering and the families who have lost loved ones to this horrible monster.
Benita Fields-Conn
· March 29, 2017
Since I decided to have a fundraiser for ALS I have met so many people who have been affected by ALS or know someone who has been affected. This walk is the first stepping stone to creating funding f...or this horrible disease. I will have a fundraiser on May 20, 2017 at Rails Craft Brew and Eatery in Clarksville for ALS. It will be called "Abbey Road on the Patio; fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease. We are having a corn hole tournament along with other activities. All proceeds will go to ALS Foundation. Mark your calendars! May 20th 2-6pm See More
Lindzy Bixler
· June 4, 2016
My dad was diagnosed in July of 2009. I was 13 years old. I didnt even know what this disease was, I just remember my parents and my sister breaking down in tears and I didn't understand why. I read "...Tuesdays With Morrie" to try and prepare myself for what was to come. But nothing can truly prepare you. This disease effects your entire family. You don't understand how truly horrible this disease is until you live with someone who has it. Thanks to the ALS association my senior pictures were paid for because my mother was the only one working due to my dad having to quit his full time job because of his arms loosing strength. The association also helped me pay for a lab top for college that we couldn't afford. This association is critical for not only the patients but the families as well. I honestly don't know what my family would have done without the ALS association. My father passed away on March 23rd of this year and I am now 20 years old. This disease has changed me as a person. No one should ever have to watch someone they love go through what they do from this disease. See More
Johannah York
· May 1, 2016
My grandmother was diagnosed in 1983 with ALS, that was the first time I heard of it, she passed in 1984 at the age of 73, 21 days before her 74th birthday. My mother started exhibiting symptoms in Ja...nuary 2011, she received her diagnosis June 10, 2011, ten days later she lost her battle with ALS, a month to the day after turning 61.
About a month ago, I started noticing some symptoms that were familiar, I have my first appointment with a Neurologist June 27, 2016, if I have the gene it will be determined that it is familial ALS, but it will stop with me, I chose to not have children in the event I am diagnosed. I will fight to the end and never give up brining awareness to those around me, until there is a cure, or I drop dead...
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Roger Wyer
· April 5, 2016
I have not been diagnosed with ALS yet but I think I display most of the symptoms. I've had scoliosis most of my adult life, so when I started having difficulty walking and muscle spasms, I naturally... thought it was caused by a pinched nerve or something related to my spine. However, after a CT scan and visits to my neurosurgeon, I was told that whatever my problem was, it wasn't caused by my spine. About this time I saw an ad for ALS donations on TV and I decided to do some research. I have an appointment to see a new neurosurgeon two weeks from now and I hope he diagnoses something else but I suspect he will come to the same conclusion I've come to: I have ALS.
It all started about a year ago. I fell down a few times for no apparent reson. Then I started having difficulty walking. Just a little difficulty at first, but now, I can hardly walk at all. Then the muscle spasms started. Real arm jerks that send my arm flying for no apparent reason.
So, can anyone advise me about my symptoms? Or what I might expect next if this really is ALS? Or if this isn't ALS, what it might be? Thank you.
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Recollet Bonita
· June 23, 2016
My brother 56 been diagonised with als april 20,2016 but its been almost two years since the symptons which we didnt know. Im reading n doing research since i heard the terrible news. Our family june 17 ...his dr said nothing for him to do...he in a wheelchair he still dresses himself n feed himself n goes to the washroom.but in time he wont be able too he refuse the breathing machine n feeding its very difficult for me to see my oldest brother going through this disease. We lost our dad april 24 this year n finding out my brother while my dads was very sick he had respority puenonmia. Which took him april 24 2016..its been a very difficult time .

Sept.24 2016 my brother ken pass away to the spirit my are free of pain n suffering...i knew at our family meeting in june that you wouldnt be here in glad i had the chance of being with you till the end....loveyou n miss you dearly...♥
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Aleia Kristene Asbey
· July 27, 2016
I've lost 4 people & currently have an aunt suffering from the illness. I've written a script about it and would like to share our story with the world . let's make this go viral & turn it into a movi...e. Please go to my page or go to YouTube & type in "4 Voices Unheard". There you can see a 2 minute trailer that I am promoting to get my script recognized. God Bless ❤️ See More
Katie Diaz
· August 12, 2016
My dad was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, this is the worst disease. But without an association that focuses on this rare disease he wouldn't be getting the help he needed. Giving the associati...on stars is hard, from a personal level it's not fun that my family even has to deal with the pain with This disease!!! Let's find the cure ASAP!!! See More
Mary Mallozzi
· July 4, 2017
This company should be sued for fraud saying there is no other way for treatment than a "new drug after 22 years." Silence is betrayal and happens across the board in the medical industry.
Jennifer Perry
· June 1, 2016
My dad was diagnosed with ALS in 2007 and passed away January 2014. After being diagnosed my parents did lots of research about the disease and what people go through as a result of ALS...and how to b...e a great caregiver. After my dad's passing, my mom, was given the opportunity to write a book and have it published. Please visit her Facebook page for more information. Search "We Laughed til We Cried". See More
Katie Severson
· May 21, 2016
When I was 10yrs old my dad was diagnosed with ALS. It was so hard for me and my family watch him suffer everyday. My dad was my rock, my hero, my first love and mostly my best best friend in the whol...e wide world! As the days turned into months and then years he just got worse and worse! It was so horrible that I couldn't hear my dad's voice, see him walk or anything!

Than on June 17th 2008 the night before my 12th birthday he passed away! It was very hard for me and my family. We lost the one that held our family together! He made us smile when ever we were in a bad mood! My dad always had a smile on his face!

My dad was the most important thing in my life! Every year I donate money and do the ALS walk! Please keep supporting this horrible disease! Cause you are not the only one who is going through this! But in the end everyone is there for you, your family and your loved one who is suffering from this disease.
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Swati Kishore
· May 14, 2016
My mum passed away from this horrific disease 20 years back. The condition was difficult to comprehend for everybody; let alone for me as a child. Knowledge about this disorder was practically non-exi...stent in those times (living in India). After a battery of tests, she was diagnosed with MND or ALS, and we were informed that there is no cure for it.

I saw her deteriorate everyday, to the point where she couldn't walk, talk, or even eat. Like every disease, ALS affects not just the sufferer but the whole family. My mother might have been freed from ALS after she died, but the psychological scars it left can never be wiped out from my mind.

I hope there is soon a cure for ALS and nobody has to go through such a paralyzing disease that makes you feel helpless in every sense of the word. Please donate and spread awareness about ALS. Kudos to the the ALS Association for all that it is going in this arena.
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Natalie Castro Mejia
· July 29, 2016
Everything was normal, home, work, life. That is. . . until it wasn’t. Most people may say that a period of 36 months is a long time, others may say that it passes in the blink of an eye. It all depen...ds on the perspective and the events that may have taken place during that period of time. For Ismael Mejia (my father), 36 months transformed from possessing the ability to play soccer 7 days a week, to simply possessing the ability to move the muscles around his eyes.

In June of 2013 Ismael worked a full time job as a semi-truck driver for Overnite (that was later bought by UPS). He was the head of a household to a family of five and a well-known soccer player in the city of Fontana, California. He always stayed active, and ate healthy while advising others to do the same in order to live long healthy lives. Little did he know, the Lord had other plans for him. By November of 2014 Ismael had been in and out of doctor visits trying to figure out why it was getting harder to speak clearly, or make certain movements. The doctors ran test after test and blood work for what seemed to be too long. Finally, they sat him down with his wife and hit them with three letters that changed everything, A-L-S. At first they thought that it was good news, they know what’s wrong and now it’s time to fix it. Unfortunately as the doctor explained what was to be expected, hopes began to wilt in their hearts as seeds of fear were planted in the back of their minds. Over these past 36 months, communication shifted from oral, to hand signals, that overtime became text messages. Soon after that the movement of his left leg became the primary mode of communication. That is until a “respiratory distress episode“ lead to a hospital admission that resulted in communication via blinking. Ismael was recently transferred to a care facility while his family struggles to find the care to bring him home as soon as possible. Not only has this been emotionally draining for his family to try and keep him at home, but it has been financially overwhelming as well. His wife Adela (my mother) has been doing her best to maintain her family’s needs with a part time job and the disability check from Ismael’s previous job in the amount of half of what he normally made.

The fact is that there are many people in this world that need help, and society today seems to teach us that helping strangers can result in deceit. This makes it harder for Families like the Mejia family to find help. As someone once told me, we know that helping one person may not change the world, but it does change the world for that one person
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Philip James
· December 9, 2017
This Peter wise herbal formula is really working magic for ALS patients... Let join hands together to fight ALS today....
Christine Capobianco Walker
· November 13, 2016
I’m a real estate agent that truly cares about my clients and intends to make a positive impact on their lives. In order to accomplish this I need to do my part in making the world a better place – ev...en if that’s only one house at a time. That being said, EVERY real estate listing that I close (and comes via referral) will lead to a donation for one of two charities that are very near and dear to my heart: The ALS Association NC Chapter and The Isabella Santos Foundation. Both of these organizations do tremendous research in hopes of finding a cure for the patients suffering with ALS/Cancer and their families that have to sit by, feeling helpless, and watch. KEEP THE REFERRALS COMING – my goal is to raise $100K in donations by the close of 2017, so PLEASE help me make this a reality! Repost and share please! See More

The Hollywood Reporter has published a great article about new discoveries toward a cure for ALS, thanks to contributions and support from Nanci Ryder, veteran talent publicist, and her friends and supporters.

Nanci has bravely fought ALS since 2014, and enlisted the support of such stars as Courteney Cox, Don Diamont, and Renee Zellweger. Team Nanci Ryder has raised over $580,000 through The ALS Association's Walk to Defeat ALS events. (Kathy Shawver Maffei, a leader for Tea...m Nanci, is a newly elected member of the board for The ALS Association Golden West Chapter.)

The Hollywood Reporter article by Dr. Justin Ichida – as told to The Hollywood Reporter staff writer Chris Gardner – describes the discoveries and credits Ryder’s efforts and federal funding from the Department of Defense’s (DoD) ALS Research Program (ALSRP) for making his research possible.

The ALS Association, with help from more than 16,000 ALS advocates across the U.S., is proud to lobby for this and other government funding for ALS and related research.

Read our latest blog article:


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The Walk to Defeat ALS helps to provide crucial care services for those living with ALS in our community. Register to walk and Join The Movement to cure ALS today: #ALS #MND #WalktoDefeatALS

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