AAAANNNDDD THE WINNERS ARE.... Congrats to the winners, please do PM me with your shipping deets and stay tuned for my other upcoming giveaways, tutorials and other stuff to be posted here. Thanks to all the participants and much love to all of you <3
Happy Holidays everyone! :D I hope this video brings a smile to your face. Sorry for being so derp!
Here's my prototype Nui Harime prosthetic piece eyepatch in action. I did my makeup with only one eye btw :)) Will post more progress vids of this cosplay as it progresses!

More shenanigans and outtakes before we drop the actual photos. 🤣

Memes and shenanigans give me life in this hobby, ok?

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Rui Zabala

#off #to #outfab #some #lucians
with Caz Buss


You have been visited by the Overly Flamboyant Chancellor of Nifelheim.

Long Nights, Many Layered Clothing and Shitty Pink Cadillacs will come to you if you comment "Your Majesty" below.

A really OOC behind the scenes shot from my recent cosplay shoot for our favorite trash uncle. I couldn't help but pull silly shenanigans because I love making people laugh and I'm pretty shameless . Seeing our photography crew laugh from it was well worth it.

Tagging Rui's Haunt because I have no shame and this is pretty much her goading.

#cosplaybehindthescenes #cosplaybts #cosplay #cosplayer #ardynizuniacosplay #ardynizunia #ffxvcosplay #finalfantasyxvcosplay #crossplay

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It's been a tiring few hours today but I believe everything has been absolutely worth it. You can't shake off the wonderous feeling of working with passionate, like-minded and appreciative people. People who won't take you for granted.

This old soul has been to the depths of hell and back today. So as a treat, Here's a teaser from today.

Good night sweet Lucians, Good night

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Been busy with life as of late and haven't had a chance to update stuff on here. I'm disappointed with Facebook and the visibility on here. So if you're interested in progress or other stuff I'm much more active on my Instagram (still Amadeobeloved).

Some further Ardyn progress for doomsday this month, doing some weathering and mattifying the silver parts that feel too shiny for me.

Will be working on Sombra next after it for... REASONS...

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So the #cosplayersaskids meme is going around on Instagram and I can't help but make two versions of it for funsies. One is just me being a tiny smoosh with my most recent cosplay (would've added Ardyn instead but some people can't commit to giving something as simple as a photo, so meh. ) while the other features how I use to do my make-up at 16 versus how I do my make-up now.

To be completely frank, I'm still the slightly awkward and shy person back in the day with just a more drive to pursuit my love for dressing up and nerding out over fandoms and characters that I like. Don't get me wrong, I like meeting new people, especially new fandom friends but I do admit to getting exhausted on an emotional level from too much social interactions. I'm still the nerdy introvert that I was as a kid who liked weird things and tends to stick to playing video games rather than going to parties or participating in events.

In a way, cosplay has opened me up to being a bit more confident about myself physically and trying to form friendships with people despite the years of bullying that I encountered for being "that weird kid".

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Amadeo Beloved shared a post.
January 8

Hype for early gacha win irl 😂 some materials to save for Lady Ludens coz she deserves the best.

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Caz Buss

Asdhklkcdsfvjsyjgdl... The crafting stuff I won from Ae Ri Cosplay is here!! I was expecting them to be this size so I'm so surprised they're this big.😍

I'm so excited to try them out but I'll be saving the worbla for Lady Ludens than upgrading Hilda.

Bonus Klarion because why not 😂

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January 5

Already doing some early character studies if I decide to push thru with Lady Ludens. Thank the Astrals for the early figure releases and Kojima's tireless photo-taking of them.

There's a huge feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach the more I get into the details of Ludens' overall build. But at the same time I'm super excited to work on it.

I want to sculpt that mask myself, even if it's kind of a minor part in Lady Ludens' design, I want to make it for her to the best of my abilities.

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My heart is beating really fast, as if I'm in love, whenever I see the New Years greeting art from Kojima Productions. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I want to cosplay her so badly! 😭

This Lady Ludens (Should we call her Sweet Snake Ludens?) is killing me! Huhuhu! I really love this design so much!

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Anyone else stoked about that massive Bayonetta announcement that happened during this year's Video Game Awards?!

Well this Umbran Witch is definitely excited to get her hands on the Nintendo Switch ports but also Bayonetta 3! HNGHHH! Some motivation to finally finish that Nun disguise/cosplay from the first game!

Photography credits to TomatoTerror ❤️...
Cosplay, Makeup by yours truly

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Amadeo Beloved is feeling excited.

Mama's finally home, are you children behaving properly?

😂 I had to censor stuff for now because of Facebook being a butt and I don't want my page getting taken down by prudes. My new Ragyo dress + repairs for Ardyn have arrived and I'm super excited to shoot everything but I'm hoping to finish a third cosplay before I shoot all of them together (hint: West London doesn't look like that 😆) for the location I'm eyeing.

Overall I'm FINALLY happy with this dress than my previous one and I'm very excited and confident enough to finally shoot this! I just need to stock up on some modesty tape so things won't go flying out!

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Amadeo Beloved is feeling crazy.

Mama had to get a redo soooo... Guess who's coming home soon?

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Haven't updated on here for a while (been busy since it's spooky season /Halloween) but have a teaser on a possible part of a future cosplan, any guessed who?

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Caz Buss

Soooooo... I got a pair of thigh-high boots yesterday, possibly for a cosplan. Can you guess who? 😂

Would anyone be interested in a Facebook live session on how to do facial hair and heavy contour for male makeup? I kind of want to share with you how I did Ardyn's makeup which I plan on improving further with a bit more facial hair if we're doing the live. So sound off in the comments section if you do since I loooove this guy too much. 😂

(And yes folks, stay tuned for con photos of him since I'm still waiting for em!)

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Posted by Amadeo Beloved

¿Quien es Sombra?

A close-up of my look for that day. I wasn't completely crazy with my look so I think I'll update and experiment with my eye makeup even further for the next time I do cosplay her. My migraine from the con atmosphere was at peak point when this was taken so I'm not really feeling it. 😫

Super loooove my Neko Purple lenses from Gwyshop, they were incredibly comfortable to the point of me forgetting that I had graded lenses on the whole con! Would definitely r...ecommend them if you want a selection of lenses with various grades on them. I'm currently eyeing their Genos sclera lenses for my Daemon Ardyn Izunia cosplay but I'm kinda poor so it might take a little while to get them. 😂

Photo credits to Jipri who's been an awesome friend for entertaining me with my photo requests despite being busy at the time.

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Sombra, Online!

Had a lot of fun dressing up as my favorite neon hacker for Cosmania Day 1. I think it seals the deal for my love of this character (but I still want to cosplay Junkenstein someday! Mostly because Junkrat is my main and my precious trash child). Gaaahhhd! I'm itching for a proper shoot (or a funny one.) for this girl!

Photo credits to Ezekiel Fernandez for the awesome photo...
Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop for my Sombra wig and getting it to me on the nick of time!

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Ezekiel Fernandez