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  • hay this is madison(:
    im amandas bestfrand.
    Shes amazing!
    Amandas amazing,shes my bestfrand!shes the coolest thing youll ever meet(:she has alot of frands and shes not changin for no1(:

    Tori, Madison, Jacob = the best friends evr

    yo. this is Torii. Amanda's bestfriendd. I've known her a year, but it feels like a lifetime.. She's just amazing, in everyway.. You'll never regret meeting her!
    Well, I dunno, where do I start?!

    Amanda Taylor Sabol.. She's moved about a bajillion ;) times in her life! Its maddening. She lives in Houston Texas! She has about a bajillion friends, but Sarah Pilling is deffinetly her # 1! Amanda is the greatest person you could ever meet! There's never a boring moment with her!! & thats like no lie.

    She drinks sweet tea with about EVERYTHINGG, and she laughs at everythingg as well! She'd be the one to dance at the top of a hill, in the pouring rain, and smile when things arent right. Thats what I love about her, and I hope that never changes! She is who she is, and if you dont like that...get over it.. Drama is something she hates, DONT bring her into it. Because your gonna regret everything you say. She isnt a biotch until you give her a reason to be one! Add her, you wont regret it ♥

    Sing to her on June 4th, because, thats her birthday(:

    ♥ always...

    -Colelli :)

    I love my life & all the ones in it.
    Tori Colelli & Madison Greene have changed me in ways even I can hardly understand. I'm thankful for everything I have. I complain here and there, but I honestly couldn't be any happier with my life...
    I try to see the best in people, even though it's kinda hard sometimes :p I know everyone has something good inside them and no one person is better than the other.
    I usually don't speak up for myself because I choose not to start drama. I try to be the nicest I can, but usually get judged to be something I'm not just by what other people have heard or something.
    Cherish the ones you love every second because you never know when they could leave you ♥
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