Hey. We talking about fast food this week. What’s fast food? Well, Grandma, I’ll tell you. It’s why we all have boobs. Listen to our shit.

The iPod. The device itself is currently considered somewhat dated, but its influence is felt to this very day. Thanks to the forward thinking of one somewhat struggling tech company and its founder, we now have anything from smartphones, to mobile media. Find out all about the creation and marketing of this important piece of technology now on Amateur Curators!

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Welcome back Curators! This week, dive deep into the marketing and build behind the product with Mike and Corey which gave us arguably the entire mobile device ecosystem that we have today!  Remember the days of yore, when your phone was actually used exclusively for calls? Well, many do not, b...
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Rob Emmett
· May 22, 2017
Pure unadulterated sex appeal. These two randos really give it to you high and tight just like my jeans
Connor McDonough
· May 9, 2017
These thought leaders give us a necessary respite from the cruel realities of the modern condition. Also they correctly identified that KISS sucks.
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