my new collection, "so far," is out now! it's got singles, sketches, and tracks that've never been released before.

here it is on bandcamp:



itunes & apple music:…

i hope you enjoy the collection. thanks so much for supporting over the past five years.

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13 track album

it's been a little while (whoops!) but i'm just checking in to mention that i've been working on new music over the past few months. i'm still finishing things up and figuring out how i'd like to release it, but there should be new ambinate stuff coming in 2018.

i also put together a spotify playlist of some of my favorite music from 2017, in case you're interested in what i've been listening to lately. maybe you'll find something on here you dig:…/…/playlist/3OMweQSD6B2bgGPBcsja3c

some of the music i've enjoyed most in 2017. will probably add to this as i hear more from the past year.

new music: here's the final track from my first release as Glass & Silver, which is available now (i'll post links in the comments)

final track from my first release. available at: bandcamp: spotify: itunes/apple music:

coming soon: first Glass & Silver release

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i put together a playlist of some of the songs i liked most from 2016, in case you were wondering what i was listening to last year instead of finishing and releasing new music. (please feel free to let me know what new stuff i missed.)…/…/playlist/4WRiMRV3XJsiBtRzp3urQF

also available on youtube here:…


i do have new music coming in 2017, as well! i finished up the first Glass & Silver release recently and am figuring out release details, so be on the lookout for that. thanks for sticking around.

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some songs i liked from 2016. not an exhaustive list.

in case you missed it: my new collection "so far" is out now. here's the final track from it:

full collection is available here:


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this is the final track from "so far," my new collection of singles, sketches, and previously unreleased tracks written over the past five years. available at: bandcamp:
ambinate updated their profile picture.
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new collection of tunes should be out next week! i'm just prepping everything for release right now - hopefully it'll be good to go after the weekend.

i'm finishing up this collection of new & old tunes. it's called "so far" and it should be out soon - probably the first week of april.

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next month marks 5 years (!) since the release of my first EP, so to celebrate (?) i'm putting together a compilation of unreleased tracks, rough ideas, and some other songs you may have missed over the years. should be out in a couple of weeks!

apparently i reached a million listeners on spotify this year, which is an amazing, ridiculous number that i still can't really believe. i don't know if i'll ever hit that kind of number again, but i'd just like to say a sincere thank you to all of you who've listened, shared, and supported my music over the past few years.

i've got new music on the way in 2016 for both ambinate and Glass & Silver that i'm really excited to share. thanks for sticking around in 2015 as i took my time to work on new stuff - i appreciate it.

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in case you missed it: brand new track is up now at…/toward-a-better-understanding

new track. rough mix and unmastered but a finished version might end up on a release in 2016.

one of my tracks is featured in this video tour of Glastonbury - some really amazing editing in this one. big thanks to Skewiff for the feature.

A before & after tour of the Glastonbury Festival site. Music: Ambinate - Pazu.
new track. rough mix and unmastered but a finished version might end up on a release in 2016.

brand new ambinate track coming tomorrow! thanks for sticking around while i took my time on new stuff

here's a spotify playlist i put together. it's meant to cover that transition from late night into early morning. hope you enjoy…/…/playlist/1Gg4Zl6PuzeZLxEeTpEjUG

4:30 AM, a playlist on Spotify

listen to this really cool new remix of "when tell" by Spoken Bird. out today, featured exclusively on The Dankles - thanks to both for the support!…/ambinate-when-tell-spoken-bird-rem…

Our first gift to you today is an exclusive new remix from the studio of Spoken Bird. He has taken on Ambinate's 'When Tell' and added in his own special flare to this cinematic release. Follow: http

i've got another new song up from my new project, Glass & Silver. listen here: