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Mayra Castillo Polanco reviewed Academy of Math and Science1 star
March 3

If you are enrolling your child here just be aware that they give Saturday detention and have a ridiculous Saturday Detention policies. We got there today at 8:30am to serve the "Saturday Detention" for our 9 year old son who got SD for was rough housing during lunch. All the doors were locked no one answered the school phones I tried all the extensions including the teacher who was going to be present for the Saturday detention no one answered! And I don't say teach because ...all the teacher does is supervise them while they write out of a dictionary word for word for FOUR HOURS!!! No water breaks no snacks no time to stand and stretch. We have been with AMS for 4 years and this is a new policy. They will now be suspending my son for 3 days because he was not there right at 8:25am but on the policy it states that it starts at 8:30am. I am extremely disappointed that this is happening not only to us but to a lot of AMS families I really hope I get a phone call from Ams because this is ridiculous!

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Kimberly Mc Andrews-Quinones reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

after my daughter attended two schools in a high-rated school district in the tucson area--and was severely ridiculed and bullied at each--i was looking for a charter school willing to give my daughter the chance to be the outgoing girl she was with family and friends while obtaining a first-rate education...i stumbled upon AMS, and it was everything i hoped it would be--and more!
the teachers and staff are dedicated to making sure each student reaches their full potential, k...eeping parents informed and active every step of the way. expectations are high, but not out of reach at all. my daughter has blossomed at AMS, and she looks forward to her classes every day. the secretary (for the life of me, i can't remember her official title--my apologies!), miss joann, keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine...i am always in awe at her skill at handling student, parent or staff emergencies--not to mention the regular morning bustle--with ease.
the core classes--math, english, history, and science--are head and shoulders above their public school counterparts, and there's a good selection of electives and extracurricular choices for students, as well.
i can't say enough about AMS...truly a gem of a charter school right here in tucson!

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David J. Boulton reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star
May 26, 2017

If you have high expectations for your child, you will never have to wonder whether AMS shares them. This is a great school that pushes students to master content far-beyond grade-level standards. Behavioral expectations are high and classroom management is strong.

My older son has had four great years here (K-3rd) and I would never dream of sending my younger boys to a district (any district in this area) school.

This school should be presented as a case study in how to provide high class education to lower socioeconomic populations -- high standards for academics, citizenship, and conduct; rigorous traditional curricula with an emphasis on STEM; language, sports, and arts instruction in all grade levels, and highly responsive (and free) tutoring interventions and extra-curricular opportunities for all students.

Nancy Fralick reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

The Academy of Math & Science has been such a blessing for my son and myself. The teachers and staff have treated my 'special needs' boy with respect, as well as the firmness he needs. They have been responsive & professional in every way. The office staff & administrators are the very best!! I was not surprised at all when AMS was named #1, but rather was pleased that the state recognized what was obvious to me.

Crystal Mason reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

Based on my experience... AMS is one of the Best schools in Tucson.

Michael L. Nervik reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

great school and great teachers. soon both my daughters will be attending. we are so happy to have our kiddos here. keep up the great work Academy of Math and Science

My Daughter has attended AMS since 5th grade, I cant Praise your Staff and Techers Enough, you have helped train her for her future through Tutoring, and the Classroom work group activities. She studies hard every night dedicated to be all that she can be. Thank you all so much and May God Bless E. Estrada And All his Staff. Sincerely, Mr. Renteria.

Emily Chavez reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

Wonderful school with caring, hardworking staff and an amazing program! Enroll your child at the 2016 AZ Charter School of the Year and they will receive an advanced, well-rounded education that sets them up for success.

Great school!! Hope they bring high school back it help my highscholers years back!!

Laurita Espinoza reviewed Academy of Math and Science5 star

Quedo hernosaaa la escuela... Cambios de horario🖒... Wow tienen receso ahora wow �� Soo much improvements hope every single one have a greeeat year 2017-2018... ���