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How & Why I Deleted Most of My Posts
Ever want to start a blog or website?
Here's how we mop the floor around here. Pippi Longstocking style. Do you hate the mop as much as me?

#HeyAmy I heard someone say their open rate went up when they switched to XYZ email service provider. Should I switch too? (Don't worry, I straighten up in a few minutes, LOL!)

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I got a great #HeyAmy question about affiliate links this morning from a reader. I thought I would post my response to her here in case it's helpful to others.

If you follow Yoast's blog (recommended), you may have seen his new post: How to cloak your affiliate links

In it he explains why you might cloak your links and he provides a script to help you do so.


The question I got this morning expressed confusion about why one would cloak affiliate links. Shouldn't we be upfront about affiliate links?

This was my response:

Note there's a difference between cloaking and disclosing.


Cloaking involves modifying an affiliate URL into a more manageable one.

For example, let's say I'm using an affiliate link from CompanyZ and my affiliate link looks like this (not a real link):


By cloaking it, I could make it look like this instead:


Either link leads to the same product page and either link will result in a commission for me if a purchase is made.


Disclosing involves informing your readers / viewers / listeners / followers that you have a relationship with the company you are about to send them to (via your affiliate link).


So, while cloaking and disclosing both have something to do with affiliate links, the purpose of each is quite different.

Disclosing is always required, even if you don't cloak your affiliate links. Cloaking is a matter of preference.

I hope that helps!


Per the question from Christina in the comments:

Be aware, some affiliate programs do not allow cloaking, perhpas most notably Amazon Associates. See section 8v in their Participation Guidelines here:


Are You Disclosing Properly?

Are You Violating This Amazon Associates Term of Service?…/

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If you're making any money via your blog or website, if you receive products or services for reviews, or if you accept sponsorships, you should read this.|By Amy Lynn Andrews

"Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It's a gift to the world and every being in it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got." (Steven Pressfield in The War of Art)
#yes #amen

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From the back seat: Does this make you like Walmart now mom?
Me: It's certainly a step in the direction of redemption.
Order online. Pickup when I want. Don't have to leave the car. Aren't even supposed to tip (per the FAQ on the website). REDEMPTION INDEED.

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Coming back to its regularly scheduled time slot!
After a break over the holidays, the Useletter® is set to go out Saturday morning (U.S. time) once again. This week's tips are about calendaring, making video simple, a fun offline marketing idea and other tidbits.
See you tomorrow!...
(P.S. If you're unfamiliar and want to check it out or sign up, go to

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In an effort to slow down and be more purposeful with my time, I'm going analog. I am awed and inspired by the #bulletjournal community and the beauty they create! I'm a bit more plain & simple but I'm excited to give this thing a whirl. I can tell it's going to take some practice. 😀Also, I already forgot it's 2017. 😂 #beingfinewithimperfection #cravingquiet #pursuingdeepworkinsteadofbusyworkin2017

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Standing in the Great Rift Valley with Mt. Longonot in the background. Our trip is coming to an end but this country, and especially the old friends we've visited and the new ones we've made, make us leave with full hearts. #lifetimememories #ilovekenya

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The day you get to meet in person the future world-changer you have the privilege of sponsoring. Annemarie, you are a gift. @naomisvillage #speechless #1000gifts #preciousbeyondwords #ilovekenya


Introducing my family to the wonders of Bitter Lemon. #bestsodaever #ilovekenya #itsthelittlethings

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Our current location. I am an equator girl and this is one of my soul-nourishing places. It took me an embarrassingly long time to stop feeling jumpy without 24/7 connectivity but now I've got the hang of it. 😄 (Posting now via the only wifi available, in the lobby.) The commercialism of Christmas feels a million miles away. #mombasa #ilovekenya #nofilter

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Decades ago I kissed a giraffe in Kenya. This week my daughter did so too, in the exact same spot. What a gift to bring my own family back to the country where I spent 3 formative years, a country that holds a huge piece of my heart. #likemotherlikedaughter #ilovekenya #nairobi #giraffemanor

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My people. All squished in. Thanksgiving 2016. ❤️

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Overheard my son and our almost-like-a-son neighbor "J" talking today. They're both 10. And adorable. And hilarious.

J: I'm so worried about Mrs. Kennedy.
Son: Who?
J: JFK's wife. John. F. Kennedy. His wife....
Son: Why?
J: Because her husband was assassinated.
Son: Huh?
J: He was assassinated. Like Ronald Reagan.
Son: Ronald Reagan wasn't assassinated.
J: Yes he was.
Son: But he didn't die.
J: I know. He was assassinated but then he came back to life.
Son: No he didn't.
J: YES HE DID. He got shot in the stomach but they took him to the hospital and he came back to life.
Son: No! He didn't die.
J: I know! He died of panomia [pneumonia]. Or something like that. (...walks away...) Sheesh.

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We paid off our house in June. It was the last of our debt, and the end of a long process.

As you'll see, I have some things to say about it (i.e. the bus thing), but the bottom line is, if you're in debt, don't be resigned to a slow crawl like we were. Read it here -->

We paid off $25,000 on a salary of $40,000 in less than two years. Here are 10 things we learned in the process.|By Amy Lynn Andrews

I could say so many things about this picture, but the most obvious is, @pamelaannolson we were astoundingly bad at taking pictures. Natural we were not, LOL! #tbt

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I teach people how to start a blog or website, write ebooks and work online instead of 9 to 5. Facebook is more about me, the girl behind the geek.
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