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  • go rangers
Favorite Quotes
  • "There's a game winner for Endy Chavez"

    "A few of us have this idea. We want to land a craft...deploy solar sails. You'll have a great big canopy. Solar winds will be caught by these mylar sails..."

    "go dice roll"- duke devlin

    "one word of advice: don't let anyone sign your checks!"

    "i'm the best '09 pong saver" -EMP

    "dooby dooby doo" -Bud Ice Penguin

    "Machines!" -Morpheus

    "It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy" -Cheeseburger Eddie

    "Warm liquid goo phase....complete." -PA Announcer from British Intelligence Agency

    "Santana? Yea he's Mexican...i think he's from Puerto Rico." -Danny Druckman