Superb work by my ward colleague and Parkour expert Robert Pullin!

A weekly parkour activity session has been launched in a Sheffield suburb in a bid to reduce youth nuisance.

An excellent letter in the Sheffield Star on the truth behind the scare stories about how much we pay to the EU and how much we get back.

The fact is that South Yorkshire as well as other parts of the UK has been a net beneficiary in terms of EU contributions and funding. Our contributions and the EU funding that comes back helps redistribute wealth from wealthier parts of the country.

It should be obvious based on past experience that a Conservative government is unlikely to... replicate this once we leave.

Any government that follows Brexit, whether Conservative, Labour or otherwise, will have less money to spend, not more, so don't believe anyone who tells you this redistribution will be maintained.

South Yorkshire will be worse off once we leave, and this is why Liberal Democrats are calling for a referendum on the Brexit deal.

Importantly, this is not a second referendum, not a re-run (as our opponents would love to portray it, to make us look like sore losers), but a chance to look at what government have agreed, and decide whether, over two years later, we are still of the opinion that we should abandon the economic, social, cultural, political benefits of being a leading member of the EU.

If Brexit doesn't bring us significant tangible benefits, and makes us poorer as we now know it will (under any form of Brexit), especially here in South Yorkshire, the people have the right to change their mind.

If Leave voters realise that the lies they were told - the £350m for the NHS (the reverse is more likely), Turkey joining the EU, were fabricated in a deliberate attempt to manipulate their vote, then they deserve the opportunity to change their mind.

There is now a clear majority across the country (comprising both Leave and Remain voters) in favour of allowing the country to think again, and polling suggests the result would be reversed if held today: 52% remain, 48% leave - and that is before we experience the incompetence of the remaining negotiations, and discover exactly what the final deal will be.

We can't let ideological MPs, the small group of wealthy men behind the dishonest Leave campaign, and the small group of wealthy men who own the national newpapers that persuaded so many - force this country down a path of expensive, lonely isolation. Once we leave at the end of March 2019, it will be very difficult to re-join. We should ask for an extension to Article 50 if necessary, which it is clear the EU27 will agree to, but we must not leave irreversibly until people are consulted on what the government has negotiated.

There's only one reason Brexiters want to deny those who voted Leave in good faith the opportunity to think again - it is because they know people have begin to see through the Emporor's new clothes of Brexit.

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Your correspondent Cyril Olsen is mistaken in thinking that all organisations charge the same membership fee to everyone. Many have reduced fees for young people or pensioners, making allowance for differentials in income.
It's our city. Let's make it great.
Enjoyed visiting Derby last night to speak to Derbyshire Lib Dems with Paul Scriven, encouraging all the great new members to get stuck in, and talking about becoming a councillor (as well as the EU of course)...
Local Elections Party Political Broadcast 2016

Vince Cable: "They've got to force the shareholders and indeed the creditors, the big banks, to take losses, and then the government can take responsibility for taking the contracts forward and making sure they are delivered."

Crisis talks are being held this weekend over the future of a troubled engineering company which employs hundreds of people in Sheffield.

Worried what happens if MPs say no to the (inevitably bad) final Brexit deal in the big vote next year?

This is no game show, it's not bad deal or calamitous no-deal.

Instead, the same majority will vote to suspend or extend Article 50. Then we think again.

Government claims about the effect of a no vote in parliament are built on sand

Owen asks what it means.

That Corbyn can start opposing Brexit without worrying his plans for nationalisation.

That greater employee participation in decision-making can be a strength and not a threat, if done in a collaborative rather than confrontational way.

“The German equivalent of the RMT has several seats on the Supervisory Board of Germany's rail company Germany has publicly owned rail *and* stronger unions - and it has both higher living standards and more equality than Britain. What does that tell you? 🤔

The impact of this on prices in the shops, not to mention freshness and even availability, is not to be underestimated.

UK will no longer be able to rely on giant Dutch facilities when it leaves EU

"Brexit could be HALTED in second referendum as support grows for a vote"

The opinion poll, released by Best for Britain, indicates growing support for having another vote

While government is consumed with Brexit, vital work is being neglected.

Vince Cable on the evolution under the Conservatives of the clean, green, joined-up, industrial strategy he developed when Business Secretary, and the impact on a significant Yorkshire company.

FOUR years ago, I opened a £350m bioethanol plant in Saltend on the Humber. The Vivergo Fuels site was one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, directly employing 80 people and supporting more than 1,000 jobs in the wider economy.

"I have up until now been against the idea of a second referendum; but I am coming round to the idea because of what has happened in our political system since I won my Supreme Court case to ensure parliamentary sovereignty."

#exitBrexit #Brexit

“Gina Miller: I'm more than happy to put my trust in the public to reconsider Brexit

"Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?"

Remain: 51%
Leave: 41%


Don't knows are leaning slightly remain, so result becomes 55.5% to 45.5% when they are pushed.

Polling is BMG.

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The British public has swung behind staying in the EU by its largest margin since the referendum, with those backing Remain outstripping Leavers by ten points, a new poll has revealed. The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research showed 51 per cent now back remaining in the union, while�...

"Leadership is about shaping opinion, not just reflecting it."

"...when the horrors of the full English Brexit become clear, and workers realise they’ve provided the bacon, Corbyn will get a big share of the blame."

Leadership is about shaping opinion, not sitting on the fence, writes Hugo Dixon, editor-in-chief of the pro-European InFacts website

Had a great time knocking on doors in the cold around Abbey Lane and Dalewood this weekend with the team (including local campaigners Marco Berry, Simon Clement-Jones and Cllr Richard Shaw in this picture, amongst others).

Just about stayed on our feet on the icy pavements, but it was close!

Residents appreciated the chance to be heard via Simon's Residents Survey and the opportunity to talk with local councillors about their concerns, from local issues including bus services, Streets Ahead, tree-felling and city development to Brexit.

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Yesterday I asked that Sheffield City Council do what it can to ensure Uber does not have to cease operations in Sheffield unnecessarily, perhaps over the Christmas period.

We must review the new licence application as we would any other, but we mustn't through inaction allow the many drivers to go without an income, and the city without a significant part of our transport services at what is a very busy time of year.

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Shahid Ali added 3 new photos — with Zahira Naz and 43 others.

After receiving a large number of calls and texts from Taxi Drivers and people who use Uber on a daily basis, after The Star broke news that Uber's license was... being suspended 2 days ago, I contacted Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed to pass on their concerns. He contacted Cllr Andy Nash who sits on the Taxi Licensing board for the Liberal Democrats and who has sent the attached email. Thank you for responding in an efficient and timely manner, especially when this decision is being made just before Christmas and New Year, the busiest time of the year for the trade. It has left many people worried and with little or no communication from anyone in a responsible position.

There are concerns with Out of Town vehicles but these only came about with the change of Law, which in my opinion is being misused across the board. There are many things that can be done to decentivise getting a license from outside of Sheffield but unfortunately it seems Sheffield City Council are unwilling to do so. I hope the Cllrs on licensing immediately arrange to belay the fears of passengers and Sheffield Licensed Drivers who currently work on Uber and work towards a positive outcome.

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Reality is indeed biting.

The blue on that first graph, Remainers and Leavers, demonstrates how many people think the final Brexit deal will improve on the one we have now.

Very much a minority view now, and means we must have a referendum on that final deal, as we Liberal Democrats have been saying all along.

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Sheffield Liberal Democrats

‪Delighted that our motion opposing the closure of the Walk In Centre and Minor Injuries Unit passed. Unfortunately, the Administration voted against setting up a cross party group to work together on this.

Project Fear has become Brexit cold reality. It is time to vote again.

British people now know far more about the costs of leaving Europe. They have the right to rethink, says former ambassador Peter Westmacott