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Mark Ulberg
· August 12, 2013
Anyone who lives in Grandville should check Andy out, he is a great guy and would be great for the City

I have enjoyed very much my time and service at the Council level in the City of Grandville! This will be an experience that I will remember and look fondly of in the future. I have learned so much being on the council and very proud of the work that has been done and the people, businesses and groups that I have been able to meet along the way. This City is truly one of a kind and I have been richly blessed by it.

My wife and I have an opportunity that was placed in front of us and we are going to pursue that but it will mean that we will be living outside of Grandville City limits. We will still be very much a part of the community as I will be running and operating my real estate business in City of Grandville. So we hope to continue to contribute to the City in other ways!

Thanks to all who have been a part of this with me!

Andy Richter resigned from the Grandville City Council this week, citing a planned move outside the city limits.File photo  The Grandville City Council is looking for a new member after the resignation of Andy Richter. Richter, who was elected to...

We had the 2016/2017 City Budget (Grandville) vote tonight. As always I appreciate all that is done during this process. I am a strong believer in budgeting for a balanced budget and put a plan out that did just that. However the proposed budget was unbalanced and I voted against that measure. The budget still passed but I am proud to have stood my ground, like many other fiscal conservatives before me!