The 1973 Ovation Breadwinner has been sold !
She is finally going to someone who will restore her !!!
I had been looking for someone locally to restore her for my own collection but that didn't happen, so now she's off to Texas !!!

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Tonight's score...
A Manson -designed Matthew Bellamy(Muse) Signature MBC-1 tele-style axe made by Cort !! She got a nice finish ding during her original shipping but I should be able to clean it up...
Can't wait to plug her in…/review-cort-mbc-1-matthew-bel…

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James Brady Salsich III
· February 18, 2018
Pleasure doing business with Andy!

Fair prices, good communication, and a rad dude.

Check this page first before you hit craigslist, the local pawn, or the used music shops!

5 stars no brainah
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Sometimes it pays to do your research ...
I put a bid in on this Fender Stratocaster (I really needed one with a maple fretboard) that was only listed as being signed (no identity of the signatures) in an auction listing which was part of a much larger group of signed guitars with the identities provided. So I did some sleuthing, as I thought I recognized two of the signatures from some previously listed autographed guitars for sale.I compared the signatures to many confirmed examples and I was correct...
I am now the proud owner of a Fender Stratocaster autographed by The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Ron Woods , Keith Richards and Charlie Watts) !!! WOOHOO !!!

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Since the Axedom started , there have been over 150 guitars that have passed through here ...
There are more than a few I wish I would have kept...
I made a promise to myself when I started this that if I ever came across a guitar that played WAYYY out of it's price league I would keep it, just to prove the fact that you don't need to spend a ton of money to have an awesome performance instrument...
These girls have made it to the keeper list ,,, For now ... lol
They are per...fect examples of the underrated that I would put up against ANY guitar for playability( at least in my experience).

1996 Korean Hamer Slammer Series "Daytona"
2008 Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty"
2002 Samick Greg Bennett "FastBack-1"
I'm sure there will be more to come ...
Lucky me !!!

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We're on a roll !!!
Coming soon ...
1981 Peavey T-30 in original hard case , made in Mississippi with a classic Peavey Bandit 65 amp from around the same time !!!
The T-30 was only made in 81-82, and are getting VERY hard to find, and the USA-made Bandit, back then, was one of the best selling solid state amps because for a small amp it just ROCKED !! I'm thinking of selling them both together as a historic set ...

2000 Epiphone FlameKat semi-hollow. Made in Korea, # 12 of the very first run !!!
Maple body, mahogany top, maple set neck with 22 fret ebony fingerboard and pearl dice inlay. Duel "New York" mini humbuckers, vibrato bridge and tremolo , Vintage Klusen style tuners. Has suffered a separation of the mahogany cap along the bottom edge but looks to have been repaired as it is solid and stable. Has a fair amount of shallow scratches and pick swirl but no major dings. Neck is a chunky D profile with low action , no fret buzz and intonation is spot on . Plays great, sounds great ! Someone's going to get a great deal due to the past injury !!!

I have watched TONS of amp/guitar reviews... I thought I had seen every which way to demo an amp, until I saw Dave do his thing through the Lab Series L5 ( which I have on the way). From a player's point of view, he showed me EVERYTHING I needed to know about this historic SS amp !!! Just plain awesome !!!

Never though this video would be this long so i hope you don't mind and please forgive my excessive use of the words Okie Dokie. Thank you so much for watchi...

She'a looking a little better !
1960's Lyle(Aria) "Trini Lopez" es-335 copy, Matsumoko-made .
She needs some electrical work as the neck pickup is intermittent, but for being over 50 years old she doing pretty good !!!

The look you give yourself when you completely reassemble and string up a guitar before testing the electronics .... Doh !!!

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A MONSTER night for the Axedom !!! Now comes the fun part of getting them all here !!! lol
Amber flametop Michael Kelly Valor Custom 2
Cream Yamaha AES500 w/ coil split
DBZ/Diamond Maverick LT tele ( It's actually a satin walnut finish )
Sunburst Ibanez EX1700 with EMG pickups...
Dean EVO Select Trans Cherry , missing bridge
Antique sunburst Dean Deceiver flame top with Dean USA Time Machine "Baker Act & Nostalgia" pickups
Red Paisley Jay Turser tele deluxe
Randall RH150 G3 solid state/tube amp head
1979 Lab Series L5 solid state amp ,a fav of BB King , Ronny Montrose and Joe Bonmassa !!! ( We're keeping her !)

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What a gorgeous blue !!!
Limited run, left-handed 2004 MIM Fender Stratocaster (50th Strat Anniversary) in very good condition ! Pickguard has aged to nice cream color. Great feel, low action, has just a few minor scuffs..
SOLD !!! Thanks Tony !!

I've been without a Tele for too long ... lol
This is one of the few Fender Squier Vintage Modified thinline telecasters... A little beat and in need of some serious TLC , but she'll be sweet once I'm done with her...

What a sweet axe !!!The pictures don't come close to showing how beautiful the flame top is !!!Legator is a small company out of California best known for their "Ninja" line of guitars. The design is done in the US and the build is contracted out overseas under strict quality control requirements...

A great night of fishing completed !!! lol
Epiphone semi-hollow "FlameKat" , mahogany topped maple body, maple set neck with Bigsby trem and New York mini-humbuckers( like the Firebird)... YeeHaw !!!
Classic Epiphone Les Paul "Black Beauty", solid mahogany body with a maple cap and multi-ply binding, set and bound mahogany neck with pearloid block inlay, Epi Classic 57 humbuckers( I have a set of actual Gibson's for her) Grover 16:1 tuners and gold hardware .. needs a cleaning but is Gorgeous !!!