One of our dedicated volunteers shared these really cute videos of the batch of kittens that came down to the Adoption Center yesterday. She asked me to share them with you. Thanks Julie! 󾌵 This is Taffeta & Squeegee....
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Kate Galligano
· February 15, 2018
We adopted Maggie, formerly named Tortelina at the shelter a couple of days after Christmas and she traveled back with me to Massachusetts. She was well taken care of at the shelter and it showed, she... was willing to get comfortable at my parents house, playing with tree ornaments, sniffing the TV comfortable with people in general. She traveled well, though I did my research to make the most comfortable I could for her. In Mass, she adjusted quickly and was taking up a third of our bed by the second night.
I took her to the vet here for her checkup and they said she was very healthy and the vet commented that the person who spayed her did a really nice job. Also Pam from the shelter gave me a follow up call which I really appreciated and she is available through email for any questions or concerns.
She has been a lot fun and a good companion for both my husband and me. I highly recommend this shelter. You can see her pictures in photo gallery, she is the tortoise shell with the rhinestone collar.
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Theresa M. Goodrich
· October 10, 2017
We adopted our cat, Chester, from Animal Care Council in June of this year. He had been brought in as a stray. Although he has scarring on both his chin and ear from "his days on the road," he is a ...sweet-tempered addition to our family. The people at ACC were friendly, gave us time to get to know Chester, gave us tips on what he liked, and made the transition easy. Many thanks! See More
Susanne Cunningham Dwyer
· October 17, 2017
ACC has always been there to help me keep the strays in my neighborhood off the street & reproducing when I wasn’t able to find them a good home. Our community is fortunate to have them and we should them all we can. See More
Patricia Reynolds
· December 14, 2017
What a wonderful place this is! The staff and volunteers are so kind, and I am now the proud "mother" of my buddy, Tigger, who seems content in his new furever home. Best Christmas present ever! Sp...ecial thanks to Pam and EJ for making it all possible. See More
Natasha Sherwood
· September 22, 2017
A family friend mentioned the ACC to me when I told her I wanted a cat. I looked online and saw one, Bonnie, that I really wanted to see so I went in on a Tuesday to see her. She took to me pretty wel...l, but she wasn't fond of my mom (who is also allergic to longer haired cats). Bonnie had a lot of hair, so she was a no go for home. No biggie. There are a dozen more to look at. Every time I walked by a certain cat (which is actually a "tortie" not a calico like the man said, but this is a little thing), she meowed and came right up to the cage like she wanted me to pet her, so one of the workers let me in so I could pet her and she was so cute and sweet that I fell in love with her immediately. The worker (EJ?) told us that she loves people, but hates other cats. She also has short hair, so she was good for mom. Perfect. I wanted to bring her home so quickly that we ran out and got a carrier for her because the guy said she can't leave without one. We came back and the guy said the carrier we got is one that will scare her and that he already had one for us. Fine. I returned it, a little frustrated that I was sent to get a carrier when I didn't need to. Now Stacy (our beautiful kitty) for some reason, didn't seem to take well to my little brother and we didn't know why. She would go to bite him if he went to pet her. She would bat at him if he got to close, etc. During the Apple Festival on Washington last weekend, my mom and brother saw someone for the ACC who asked how Stacy was doing and how she was around Justin. Apparently, Stacy doesn't like kids very much, but no one mentioned that to us when the three of us, my mom, the little brother in question, and me went to pick her up to bring her home. Fine, no problem. They're doing well now with a little patience and things have gotten better. Great. I got a call shortly afterwards that the man there needed a copy of Stacy's paperwork. Okay, I work right around the corner so no problem. That's also a little thing. What really got to me was the call I received today. A lady called me for the ACC and asked me if I took Stacy to the vet yet. I hadn't because when I called around to see if she needed any other shots or services and they told me she was up to date and good to go when I read off all the things she has done. I was happy. Yay! Well, apparently, as part of the adoption process with the ACC, it's necessary to register your new furry friend with a vet you're comfortable with and get him/her a wellness check-up. Now, this was NOT disclosed to me and apparently the lady told me he called the vet on my application and they had no record of my call or making an appt. Well, that's because I didn't because I didn't know I had too, thus I didn't even disclose the name of the vet she called to anyone there. I felt a little small given the tone of the woman on the phone (who made me worried she was going to take my kitty away for not getting her wellness test done in a timely manner. It's a little dramatic I know, but it's been a rough week), but then she told me the man who did my application wrote it in because it clearly wasn't my "handwriting." Mhmm. I didn't feel small anymore then. If I had known, I would have taken her immediately because I want to make sure Stacy is indeed very well, but alas, I didn't know. That's kind of a big thing to leave out when someone adopts a cat. Now that I know, I will take her to get it done, but the lack of communication and organization there isn't the best. That said, the cats are well carried for and there are so many great ones, it was really hard to pick. Most of the staff is friendly as well. I recommend. See More
Fran Chechatka
· February 26, 2018
They have helped many animals, finding homes, also they are very reasonable with their price for neutering. They also are reasonable for flea medicines
Rhoda Messemer
· March 19, 2017
The Animal Care Council, Pam especially, were absolutely wonderful. My daughter and I were devastated from our missing cat. Pam was Amazing, giving us ideas on finding him and also referring us to Kim..., from the Lost and Found for Pets of Broome County that is on Facebook. Between both of them, their ideas on how to find our cat, Jazz, led to him coming home. My words can't express how we feel. We are so grateful to them for caring about our feelings and wanting to help us in any way they could. Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciate it. See More
Kimberly Scanlon
· May 17, 2017
I got my fur baby from Animal Care Council 9 years ago. She has been such a joy in my life. Anna has been my who saved who. What you all do there is amazing. Giving older cats an opportunity to find and family again. Anna was 3 when I got her. She's now a mouthy beautiful 12. Can't thank you all enough. See More
Marissa Cuthbertson
· August 26, 2017
We have used ACC to spay 2 kitties and to give peace to a third. The staff are always kind, caring and professional.
Krista Lanko
· September 6, 2016
I adopted my kitty minnie she is such a sweet girl. Animal care council and ej he helped me and my husband so very much hr was so very helpful and so was the person i was in contact with all the time.... They are truly wonderful people and minnie was a wonderful fit to pur home after we lost our kitty. She has truly warmed our hearts. We will show pictures soon. Thank you all. You all do wonderful work and animal care council is a great place. See More
Kylie Aislinn
· August 4, 2015
Just donated about a $125 worth of cat food/treats/litter and I just casually mention my cats weight problem despite me cutting her food in half as recommended by the vet and how she's prone to hair b...alls... Out of the kindness of their own hearts I was
met with complimentary dietary food and treatment for my own cat, can't appreciate this places sincere love of cats enough. Spent about an hour taking and spending time with the cats
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Adrianne Lawrence
· December 10, 2015
They have helped me in the rescue of three strays I was taking care of outdoors. One which had kittens in seventeen below zero weather in a box I had put outside for them. They've always been helpful..., caring, kind, informational and supportive, God bless the A.C.C. They have also neutered my four year old and now of the kittens I kept from the outside litter I took in, all courteous, without any problems and at a price I could afford as a single mother on a fixed income. My prayers go out to all the animals in shelters and beyond along with those who cars for them. Again, God bless. Thank you! Overall, the Animal Care Council is wonderful. See More
Cheyanne Nicole
· November 12, 2017
I highly recommend Animal Care Council to anyone looking to adopt, rescuing strays and needing help or low cost spay and neuter!!!
Mallory Hopkins
· April 15, 2015
I brought my cat here for the spay clinic. I came to pick her up and they told me I owed an additional $10 for the advantage they had to put on her for one flea they found. In the entire I've owned my... cat, she has never had a flea. She showed me one single flea in a bag. I told her that most certainly didn't come from my cat. If my cat came in with fleas it would be more than one. When I dropped her off they had numerous other cats lined up on a table ready to go. Maybe they should reconsider how they check in cats. That seems risky. More than likely it came from one of them. My cat has no contact with the outside or other animals. Besides the shock of that, I do recommend the clinic for the price and service. See More
Georgina Ann Goldman-Newman
· June 11, 2015
In the Past 6 years I've adopted 2 cats and 1kitten from ACC and never had a bad experience with them. All the workers and volunteers have been helpful. My family plans on volunteering there during th...e summer to help them the way they helped us over the years with the love and affection we received with our cats we have adopted. Thank you ACC for all the work you do to help the Cats & Kittens to receive care and to find their Fur-Ever homes. See More
Daniel McArthur
· December 14, 2016
We got a wonderful Buff colored Kitty from here a few years back. She is gone now but had a wonderful life and was in perfect health because of these people. I would definitely consider this place if want a pet. See More
Magey Bost
· March 22, 2017
We picked out the sweetest kitty ever yesterday! The application process was quick and easy, the the people running it clearly know what they're doing and care about the animals they have. Thank you s...o much for giving my boyfriend and I Smoochie (We renamed her Lucy, the boyfriend was not a fan of the name Smoochie)! We already love her! See More
Kaley Cox
· October 24, 2014
I adopted "Big Ben" almost a year ago, I've never had such a loving hilarious cat. He became the king of the castle really quickly. He wakes us up when we sleep through our alarms, crawls up our legs ...when we get home to say hello, runs around like a kitten and he kisses me while i cut his nails. he's improved our quality of life i'm thankful for all you guys do. See More
Shawna Ellis
· March 19, 2016
I stopped in after work today, it being my 1st time there. I visited with Speedy (such a nice kitty!) and Hogan (another wonderful one!) but as I was heading back up to the front, I spotted this littl...e one in a carrier. He was meowing and purring as loud as ever! My heart, I knew, was set on this guy! I want to thank EJ with his help today and allowing me to take "Mac" to his forever home! Thank you guys so much! See More
Kathryn Muggeo Densmore
· April 12, 2017
If you pick a cat or he/she picks you, please save yourself and your family tears and frustration. Make sure you put $ down or the cat may be gone when your told to come back.

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