Snow day has a whole new meaning at Animal House.
Autumn bouncing
Butterflies in our classroom.
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Rachel Cardinal
· February 3, 2017
My son LOVES coming to school and always talks about Miss. Yvonne and all his "friends" and says his favorite thin g to do at school is play in the garden!
So happy we found this little patch of heaven!
Jodi Cope
· December 14, 2016
My kids absolutely love it here!! So glad we get to be a part of the Animal House family. The teachers are so loving and caring...and the kids are learning beyond my expectations!
Kacie Ropp
· November 6, 2013
Absolutely the best school. If you're looking for someone who really understands and cares for kids, look no further. Both my boys love Animal House!
Anne Fahey
· August 20, 2016
Great teachers and great environment. Our two years there were wonderful! Thank you!
Sara Acosta
· September 26, 2013
They are very good with children and have taught my son so much, in just a short time.
Vickie Son
· January 13, 2015
Great school! Alice loves it! Nice teachers, clean environment, and educational activities :D
Animal House Preschool added 18 new photos from February 28.
February 28

The finale of heart month was our doctor visit. Dr. Roro and Dr Lolo came and brought songs, music, playdoh, fun and laughter. The children and staff had a wonderful time and learned so much from their visit. Thank you again for giving up your precious time and for making learning fun.

Animal House Preschool added 36 new photos from February 22.
February 22

On February 22nd the snow finally arrived and the children were so excited, they couldn’t wait to wrap up warm and get out in the garden to enjoy snowball fights, snow angels and snowmen.


Snow day has a whole new meaning at Animal House.

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Animal House Preschool added 33 new photos from February 20.
February 20

We resumed heart month with a study of our real hearts. We learned where our heart is, what it is and what it does. We mixed red paint ‘blood’ to see how much we have and poured it out in our garden. After making rib cages, which protect our heart, examining life size models and looking at slides under our microscopes our future cardiologists were ready to go.

Animal House Preschool added 7 new photos from February 16.
February 16

We paused our heart month for Chinese New Year on February 16th, to welcome the year of the dog. We made lanterns, discovered which animal signs we were born under and back by popular demand, our Chinese dragons.

Animal House Preschool added 17 new photos from February 10.
February 10

February was national heart month and we really loved it. We started the month with our projects and celebration of love which included bracelets, heart fridge magnets and of course helium balloons.

Animal House Preschool added 11 new photos from February 2.
February 2

Well it’s Ground Hog Day… again. Unfortunately the sun shone all day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow indicating six more weeks of winter. He’s not always right, but he’s always popular.

Animal House Preschool added 33 new photos from January 25.
January 25

We had so much fun with our moose week and learned lots too. We pretended we were Bull Moose with our four feet wide, fifty pound antlers. We compared track sizes and found that despite a moose weighing more than our whole class combined, most of us had bigger feet than him. Nature is weird and wonderful.

Animal House Preschool added 10 new photos from January 24.
January 24

Six little friends were very keen to help in the garden this week, pulling weeds and turning the soil. We added nutrients and planted some pumpkin seeds ready for spring. We had great success with our pumpkins in 2017 and saved some seeds. We can’t wait to see how big they grow this year.

Animal House Preschool added 18 new photos from January 5.
January 5

January usually brings us snow so the children have been a bit disappointed so far this year. We compensated by learning about animals who live in the snow and brought some smiles back to their faces. Polar bears and penguins are always their favorites. We’ve now added a new favorite, the moose.

Animal House Preschool added 25 new photos from December 20, 2017.

We had a special visitor today, Santa called in on his way to the mall and brought us gifts and giggles.

Animal House Preschool added 19 new photos from December 18, 2017.

The children may love Halloween but Christmas is always my favorite time of year at school. So many fun things to make and do, stories to read, songs to sing and the joy and excitement of the season.

Animal House Preschool added 9 new photos from December 8, 2017.
December 8, 2017

Today’s letter was N and number was eight. So our little friends drew us eight happy snowmen with noses (and big smiles.) We have not had any snow yet, but we still had fun outside at playtime.

Animal House Preschool added 9 new photos from November 22, 2017.

“The Pilgrims came in big ships across the ocean and met the native people who said “would you like some turkey and pumpkin pie?” - Well, he almost got it, right?

Animal House Preschool added 5 new photos from November 15, 2017.

We love cutting, we love sticking and we REALLY love google-eyes – So this turkey project kept everyone entertained.