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  • With a background in sculpture and art history, Anne Berk has a long professional experience in all aspects of contemporary art criticism, and is a well-respected Dutch art critic and reviewer, and contributed numerous articles, reviews and monographs to art magazines, newspapers (e.g. Kunstbeeld and Het Financieele Dagblad), catalogues and books. In the context of changes in society, her book 'Bodytalk' (2004) describes the shift from abstract to figurative art in Dutch sculpture in the 90s. Body Talk was also the title and topic of Berk's exhibition in Museum Beelden aan Zee (Scheveningen, The Netherlands). At present Berk researches and writes a second book about international contemporary sculpture 'In Search of Meaning, the Human Figure in a Changing World'

    Anne Berk enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge about contemporary art and sculpture. In order to create a dialogue between participants and contemporary art, her art course Kunst Nader Bekeken (Art at a Second Glance) is always on location, and held in museums, galleries and artists studios. Furthermore she's a regular speaker, lecturer and contributor to My First Art Collection and Bougies Art Initiatives. She is also an the correspondent for Sculpture Network, a European organisation for sculpture lovers, makers and mediators.
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Favorite Quotes
  • Reclame vertelt ons wat we moeten kopen,
    Religie vertelt ons hoe we moeten leven,
    en kunst stelt vragen over het bestaan.
    Anne Berk