In 6 hours, I will be printing off a copy of the petition. This copy will be presented to United States congressman who is also the House of Representatives Majority Leader. His name is Eric Cantor. Please promote this petition so that I can present him with 4,000 signatures! This is not the final blow, but I will like to see what he says. What can he do? I don't know. This is an awesome opportunity! Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

-Collin L.

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3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy! Lets keep it up!


I forgot to mention, but we got 930 signatures in about 22 days!! You guys are awesome!! Keep it up!


WOW!! 2,930 Signatures, 17 Twitter Followers, and 112 Facebook Likes!!!! That Is CRAZY awesome!! Now, I have a question for you guys. I am looking to re-vamp the petition website ( ). I need some ideas and recommendations. Please leave your recommendations in the comments. Thanks for your continued support of me and my petition!!

Thanks to everyone for liking this page!! Below is the message that I sent out earlier today, if you did not get it.

We Have More Than 2200 Signatures On This Petition!!!! Please Share It Around!! We NEED 100,000 Signatures In Order To Get It Sent To Pres. Obama!! If you need to contact me about this petition, do so by emailing me at


I am working on a letter to send to our local congress, so I need a lot of signatures!! Lets see how many we can get by this Saturday, 10/5/13.

Show your support for this petition!!! Follow us on Twitter: -Collin

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We now have almost 1,360 signatures on petition! Currently, Japan and Australia are in international court disputing the barbaric whaling by Japan in the Antarctic. Let us hope that Australia wins the case so that whaling in the Antarctic will end! Just in case Australia looses, we need our petition to be on standby. Please sign and share!

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We got an atricle in a newspaper! View the article at! Thanks for your support!

We are up past 1100 signatures! Sign and share so we can get this petition to United States President Obama

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It has been about two weeks since the signatures really started coming in, and we now have 905 signatures!!! Be sure to share our links so we can get our 100,000 needed signatures!!

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Sign our Anti-Whaling Petition at!!

Take strong action to stop the Japanese from killing whales in the Southern Ocean Antarctic Whale Sanctuary “The President must take swift and...