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Yajiv Tatapudi
· September 19, 2017
Our heartily greetings to you in Jesus Christ our Lord. i am Evangelist from India.i work in remote areas to preach the gospel to many people.our church is supporting me to help the children.our palem... church of christ is praying for all there.I am requesting you from india that many church of christ families need your encouragement.we wait for your reply.
thank you
your brother in christ
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Wmea Voice
June 10, 2012
We are so glad to be with you here.God bless you all.

Not 100% biblical, but how much better would the world be if Scripture informed its most popular songs?

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Alan Fahrner

Could a song like this hit the top 40 today?


Our former minister's sermon from today...

Alan's sermon from today looks at how should we react to insults...and our President's behavior because of them:…/who-are-you-to-pass-judgment-on-th…/

Insults A couple weeks back I asked you what the best compliment you were ever given was. Today, and let’s stay with nothing too cruel, what is the best insult you’ve ever heard? What c…

Save us, O Lord our God,
and gather us from among the nations,
that we may give thanks to your holy name
and glory in your praise. • Psalm 106:47, ESV

How are divine compliments for other people good news for us?

Best Compliment You’ve Ever Been Given? Think for a moment. What is the greatest compliment you have ever gotten? Positive words that would change any bad day to a good one? What was the comp…

Do Christians turn off the logic part of their brains?

Alan Fahrner

This article is especially troubling for two reasons. First, it implicitly establishes a religious test for a government appointment, which is unconstitutional.... Second, Russell Vought is unable to flat-out say that you are lost without Jesus (although, in fairness to him, he does mention, multiple times, the centrality of Christ to salvation).

It is pretty much taken as fact that now that faith equals blind faith. That if you don't believe in scientism and materialism...and instead have a worldview that includes the supernatural...the reason and logic portions of your brain are either shut-off or so heavily degraded that you cannot be trusted to lead in the public realm. Yet, given throughout history, scientists and other great thinkers frequently (most often?) have believed in something beyond that which we can taste, smell, touch, hear, or see...that which we can proves faith does _not_ equate to illogic and/or unreason. If anything, belief in a God of order (versus randomness)...and a Being who reveals Himself...aided in scientific discovery by adding confidence that the Lord's ways in the physical realm could also be discovered, converted into scientific theories and laws, and be used as a foundation for more discoveries, theories and laws.

Faith is _not_ equivalent to blind faith. Even in our little church here in Strasburg we stress individual research and reason. The great principles of science are a boon to theology, and theology is not hampered by the philosophical (not scientific) rule that the supernatural is off-limits. We can truly allow the evidence to lead us where it may...instead of setting arbitrary boundaries that hamper truth, not aid it.

Finally, nobody but God knows the eternal salvation of any individual. I have often said we'll be surprised by who we see in heaven...and who we don't. But logic and reason also say that, for instance, Islam and Christianity cannot both be right (although they can both be wrong). If Christianity is right, everything that points people away from its God...whether it be Islam, Buddhism, scientism, or <fill in the blank here> an impediment to everlasting salvation. Does that mean every atheist or Hindu or Muslim is damned? No. However, it would be quite unloving (and unreasoned and illogical) of me not to tell non-Christians the path they are on leads to eternal death, not eternal life.

However, as Vought tries to point out during his testimony, that does not mean that on this side of eternity I will treat anyone differently based on what path, as horrible as it may be, they have chosen. We are all afflicted with the same disease (sin)...and we are all navigating this troubled, chaotic world together.

God is love. He has so much more to do to my heart to make my love even 1% of His, but I do love you regardless of your faith.

And don't let anyone fool you...we all have faith in something.

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I’d urge you to click the link and watch this exchange between Senator Bernie Sanders and Russell Vought, Trump’s nominee to be Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. The exchange starts at the 44:20 mark. Here’s my quick transcription: Sanders: Let me get to this issue…
Although I prefer a less caustic tone, this article about atheism, written by a non-believer is worth a read: “On Atheism” This part is especially interesting: Atheists will argue that …

Interesting results to a Gallup poll. Thoughts?…/sermon-content-appeals-churchgoers.…

Worshippers rate sermons teaching about faith or why it matters in their lives as the top reasons they attend, while those who do not attend say preferring solitary worship is the main reason.

Worth taking the time to read...

Alan Fahrner

"My observation is that smartphones have made half of all adults mentally ill. I mean that _literally_, not figuratively. The business model of phones is addiction, not value. And they addict you at the expense of the things humans need in their lives to be happy and healthy."

Pills are small, cheap, odorless, widely available, and nearly impossible for a parent to find in a bedroom search. When you have this situation, the next generation is lost.

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 25-26 • • "These are the days of the years of Abraham’s life, 175 years."

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Today's Bible reading: Genesis 23-24 • • "The man gazed at her in silence to learn whether the Lord…"

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Today's Bible reading: Genesis 4-7 • • "The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground."

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