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  • Technical Project LeaderSeptember 5, 2017 to presentBangalore, India
  • Technical Project LeaderSeptember 5, 2017 to presentBangalore, India
  • Founder and Chief EditorOctober 2015 to present
    Standup Comedy News, Show Reviews, Event listing, Comedian Profiles and more.
  • Senior EngineerApril 2016 to August 2017Bangalore, India
    Senior Engineer at Innominds deployed at Huawei Technologies.
  • Co-OrganizerAugust 2015 to April 2016Bangalore, India
    Co-Organizer of the official WordPress community for Bengaluru.
  • CEOMarch 2015 to April 2016Bangalore, India
    Premium WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress services.
  • Co-Organizer2012 to 2015Belgaum
  • Team leaderJune 2010 to July 2015
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About Anvith
  • well i'm generally a fun loving creature.. my friends actually think it's wrong to call me a human coz most of the time i'm monkeying around...i am totally addicted to my computer , have always been intrigued by it...i love rock music ...especially the newer breed ...alternative rock it's called (i guess)
    any ways any conversation with me will definitely lead to computers and of course sports.
    when it comes to sports i'll be the first one ready to play anything..
    i love to play table tennis, cricket , football ( its not soccer ), volleyball, badminton .....etc etc etc....
    i forgot about my cycle....i love to cycle.. not motor but bi. I mean I love to go cycling and my dream is to go mountain biking on any of the trails abroad... (i'll definitely do it once in my lifetime)))
    there's more.
    i am quite frank when it comes to any one... never kept my mouth shut ....never tried too..just say whatever i feel ..(has gotten me into quite a few awkward situations) when it comes to friends i'm always there in any way i can help em out... i make friends for life!!
    well i guess that gives a general idea about what type of a person i am... hey now that i've written so much i'm actually feelin i'm not that bad ..
Favorite Quotes
  • Shit Happens, Deal With it!
    Live Life Hanste Khelte!!