Founded on July 12, 2009
1. To provide a secure and fun-to-use online portal to the Residents of an Apartment Complex - so that a great neighbourhood can be built.
2. To provide simple ...and efficient Management Tools for the Association Committee of an Apartment Complex - so that the great neighbourhood can be sustained. See More
Release Date
Find genuine neighbors, play soccer, carpool, discover the new food joint, vote in apartment polls. Every Vibrant Neighborhood has its ADDA!
Company Overview
ApartmentADDA is the product of 3Five8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

You maybe a part of a Management Committee, who in spite of Busy Schedules and Demanding Careers,... raise their confident Hands to become President, Secretary, Treasurer in Housing Societies of High Rises.

Or you maybe a part of Property Management/Facility Management or Owner Association Management Body, who are passionate about making Apartment Living a beautiful experience for owners and tenants.

ApartmentADDA is the Product of choice in the Hands of these Leaders, that Raise the Standard of not only a Housing Society or Apartment Complex, but entire neighborhoods and countries as a whole.

ApartmentADDA solves a problem very close to each of us - making urban neighbourhoods with modern Apartment Living Better. With every new Apartment Township coming up, the entire neighbourhood around it is built around the township. Local shops slowly mushroom, service providers start newspaper inserts and neighbourhood freelancers make their offerings known. Residents discover all these right on their ADDA.

ApartmentADDA serves the Neighbourhood in two significant ways:

1) Enable the Residents discover and engage in their Neighbourhood.

2) Enable the Association/Society to administrate and lead their Neighbourhood.

We dedicate ourselves to creating this beautiful Product, that helps Residents of the Neighbourhood Rise High, together.
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General Information
ApartmentADDA is widely popular, being used by 18,500+ Apartment Complexes globally.
Grand Prize in the First Grace Hopper's Entrepreneurial Contest in India.
1) ApartmentADDA
- Resident App
- Admin App
- Resident & Administrator Web Platform
2) Gatekeeper
Our Story
ApartmentADDA is The #1 Mobile and Web-based Housing Society Management & Accounting Software integrated with Apartment, Facility Management and Apartment Communication and Collaboration Tools.
ApartmentADDA is the one platform which takes care of all needs around your apartment.
ApartmentADDA is a product packed with features which will make your ap...
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