On the 4th Tuesday, July 25th, we will meet at the Learning for Life Center to learn about Compassionate Communication from LaVetta Rolfs. She was taught by Marshall Rosenberg, who wrote NonViolent Communication. Go to to learn more about NVC.
Donations are appreciated, but just whatever is affordable and according to how useful you find the information. We hope you can make it. If you need to, bring your kid with a quiet activity. No food or drinks allowed in the main room, but are allowed in the tea area.

Tue 6:30 PM CDTThe Learning for Life CenterTopeka, KS
10 people interested
Adults can be taught to create an environment for success.

Tonight's meeting is at a different place and time than usual! 6 pm - ? at Civitan playground inside Gage Park (along Conservatory Dr). We will provide pizza and fruit. Bring your own drinks and food as desired.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 8, at 6:30 pm at the UU Fellowship at 4775 SW 21st St.

To keep up on all of our activities more easily, request to join our private "Topeka Attachment Parenting" group.

Hope to see you there!

Our next meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 9 at 6:30 pm at the UU Fellowship at 4775 SW 21st St. We'll be having a Valentine's party, complete with treats and crafts. Should be a lot of fun!

To keep up on all of our activities more easily, request to join our private "Topeka Attachment Parenting" group.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

This week is our January group meeting. Hope you can join us!

Our first 3rd Saturday, coffee and conversation.

The #1 Holiday Survival Skill for Parents -- Manage Your Own Well-Being........Also in this week's Aha! Parenting.....More Meaningful Holiday Traditions for Your Family...Easy Homemade Presents To Make with Kids...Aggression from Other Kids: 6 Steps To Help Your Child Find His Voice

Happy holidays! We have an AP meeting this Tuesday so let's bring a few treats and make it a party. We meet at the Unitarian Fellowship on 21st Street at 6:30 -8:00. We usually only open the entance on the west side of the building, so be sure to park over there. No formal topic this time, but I hope to have a handout with ideas to help make your holiday easier. Fingers crossed that my computer will agree to that.

Our November meeting is tonight! 6:30 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on 21st St. To keep up with all of our meetings, playgroups, and other activities, please join our private group "Topeka Attachment Parenting."

"If one of your child's biggest fears is being away from you, help is here. We've put together our best thinking on separation anxiety in a free guide that brings together the resources you need to build your child's confidence and successfully resolve this issue."…/your-ultimate-separat…/

If your child wants you and no one else, won’t leave your side, or has trouble making transitions to school or daycare, you’re due for some fresh ideas about how to tackle that subject. Let us know where to send … Continue reading →

Is anyone interested in doing book club again and committing to attending?

We have our monthly meeting this Tuesday at the Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of Topeka, 6:30 to 8:00. We will be talking about how to connect with kids of all ages. Connection is good for everyone, so come connect with other like-minded parents at this meeting about connection!

I would love to see more written about this topic! #stopshamingkids - Bonnie

"Shame parenting” has been popularized through social media.

Our monthly meeting is tomorrow night, 6:30 pm at UUFT. We'll be discussing sibling relationships again and what I've learned from Dr. Markham's book on the subject. As always, there'll be time for discussion of any other parenting issues on your mind as well. See you there!

Our monthly meeting is tomorrow night, 6:30 PM at The Unitarian Universalist of Topeka. We'll be discussing sibling relationships. Excited to see you all there!