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RIP Flappy Bird

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4 Apps for SNAGGING Boxing Day Deals!

Thanksgiving and Christmas have both come and gone – officially marking the holiday shopping season as OVER… or is it? Today’s Boxing Day, and we want to help you get out there and scour the best and...

Brilliant or boneheaded?

A polarizing design decision reveals how the Snapchat founders are thinking about the next phase of their company.

Day 5: Pivvot by Whitaker Trebella

Day 5: Pivvot by Whitaker Trebella From '12 Days of Appick' We wrote about how Pivvot was crazy hard several months ago when it was featured in the app store, and, not gonna lie, it’s still crazy...

Day 4: Panda Pop by SGN

Day 4: Panda Pop by SGN From ‘12 Days of Appick’ There’s a slight chance that our choice in app may have been swayed by our great desire to post a ‘falling baby panda gif’ – but only...

Day 3: Moves by ProtoGeo

Day 3: Moves by ProtoGeo From '12 Days of Appick' If counting every single one of our steps is wrong, we don’t want to be right. [[MORE]] Ever since we downloaded Moves a month or so ago, it’s pretty...

Day Two: Peek Tours & Activities

Day 2: Peek Tours & Activities by Peek Travel, Inc. from ‘12 Days of Appick” Peek has Jack Dorsey’s seal of approval, so, obviously, we’re following suit and jumping on the Peek bandwagon....

Day One: Santa's Twerk Shop by JibJab

Day One: Santa’s Twerk Shop by JibJab From ‘12 Days of Appick’ Santa + Elves + Twerking = YES! [[MORE]] We couldn’t hold out on talking about this app any longer; it had to be first. JibJab has done...

Announcing 12 Days of Appick! Stay tuned...

In the spirit of the holiday season, gloriously chilly weather, and mittens, stay tuned for 12 days of ridiculously AWESOME app features – starting TODAY! We’re excited.

Have you done your hour of code yet?

Join millions of students to learn about the Hour of Code, the largest learning event in world history. Visit

Warning: Excessively, Unbearably Over the Top Apps

Okay, so it’s that time of year again when too much of a good thing is never enough. To get your holiday season started off on the right foot, I wanted to toss out a couple of apps that are absolutely...

Food Apps SO Good You'll be Sick!

We put ourselves through this pain and anguish at least once a year. Course after course, we put our stomachs and will-power on an emotional roller coaster – just to test our own human limits, you...

F*ing Foliage & Pumpkins

Okay, if you don’t like pumpkins OR leaves, then you’re probably not a human being, and most likely lack the ability to love or be loved. Just kidding! But, seriously, pumpkins and leaves are probably...

Let's Black Out With Shopping Apps

We can feel it in our bones. The sparkling lights, the snowflakes, the mammoth fir trees littering the mall – the time for gratuitous shopping is almost here! To some, it’s the best time of the year....

What's So Bad About Lulu?

Just in case you’re wondering, Lulu is a fairly controversial topic at Appick HQ.[[MORE]] There are some of us who say it’s a natural step from the sort of secret online ratings of the opposite sex...

Angry Birds Go! is a GO!

App trailers are all the rage these days, and we can totally see why. Just try to tell us this doesn’t look awesome, and that you’re not totally convinced to download this the day of launch. Please,...