New Arcetyp client, small business providing public sector IT, scientific, and strategy solutions in Energy and Transportation, Science and Health, Housing and Special Programs, and Defense. Arcetyp is providing new client/teaming inroads and business growth consulting.

New Arcetyp Client. Mid-sized business providing technology solutions to meet client requirements for military service member and family program support solutions in the Department of Defense. Arcetyp is assisting with long term targeted full life-cycle capture and bid support.


New Arcetyp Client. Small business providing IT systems design/implementation, application development, and operations sustainment for Department of Defense clients. Arcetyp is providing ‘black hat’ competitive price/effort insights and proposal color team review support.

Arcetyp LLC input featured in a Forbes article on Common Weaknesses of Developers and our recommended communication skills enhancements.…/03/28/developing-the-bigger-pict…/…

Help your developers improve these 13 "weak" areas.

New Arcetyp client, supporting a large procurement bid response for a state-level management system implementation. Arcetyp is providing proposal support, hardware/software architecture research, and bid production support.

Arcetyp is proud to announce that our confidential client has been awarded a major IT business process outsourcing contract by a non-governmental organization. Arcetyp provided market intelligence, proposal support, and price-to-win inputs for this contract win.

Arcetyp has completed analysis on the past 5 years of awards on the Federal Aviation Administration 'eFAST' contract vehicle including award types (competitive, set aside, direct award), functional areas (the FAA has 7 functional areas ), and awardee details.

Our article on Developments And Adoption Of Blockchain In The U.S. Federal Government is now on Forbes.…/developments-and-adoption-of-b…/2/…

While the U.S. government was late to embrace cloud computing, it appears to be engaging actively with the potential use of blockchain technology.

Happy New Year. Arcetyp has signed a new long-term client, a well established firm with work in the DoD and Civilian sectors. We will assist with opportunity identification, pipeline building, and capture efforts in government contracting.

New Arcetyp client, supporting a large bid for a major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) operations and improvement contract.

Arcetyp LLC - Featured in Forbes Article on Building Success: 15 Factors Essential For Tech Executives

Investing internally in staff, and in emerging tech research applicable to the clients or organization, is key. Making use of team partners outside the organization is also beneficial to developing competencies and sharing information on developments. Executives should also stay abreast of leading-edge technology developments for potential application, to differentiate or maintain pace with industry. - Steve Delahunty, Arcetyp LLC…/building-succe…/&refURL=&referrer=….

Leading a technology organization isn't easy. Here are a few traits you should focus on to help you build success.

Added our 10th client today. Bid and proposal support for a Department of Defense opportunity.

Article published today by StreetShares from Arcetyp LLC (ARC) on the topic of small business teaming with large business subcontractors -- how to plan for what the large business may ask for in order to make their decision to team. StreetShares provides financial resources for Veteran Owned Small Businesses.…

Are you a small business government contractor who wants to attract a large, unfamiliar business to join your bid team? Learn the rules of engagement.

New client, supporting a large US Civilian market bid proposal effort through December.

New client signed, small business focused on commercial software engineering in the finance services industry and also for government clients. Arcetyp will provide growth consulting services for inroads with new clients and industry teaming.

New client signed today, a service disabled veteran owned small business focused on the DoD and Army markets primarily. Arcetyp will provide growth consulting services for government contracting.