URGENT! The Governor's abortion expansion bill would allow more late-term abortions, let non-doctors do abortions, and remove protections for babies born alive after an abortion. This is too radical even for New York. Contact your legislator:…/campaigns/49213/respond

This legislation is one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s non-fiscal “budget” bills that seeks to enact a multi-faceted new “women’s agenda,” similar to the “women’s equality act” put forth by the Executive in 2013. Part “B” of this legislation is a dangerous and unnecessary expansion...

Archbishop Chaput one the Florida tragedy, and on the need to be angry that nothing is being done to prevent these incidents.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Nineteen years ago I sat with the parents of children murdered in the Columbine High School massacre, and buried some of their dead. Nothing seems to change, n...o matter how brutal the cost. Terrible things happen; pious statements are released, and the nation goes back to its self-absorbed distractions.

The latest massacre in south Florida requires two things from all of us. We need to pray for the victims and their families because -- as I witnessed firsthand at Columbine -- their suffering is intense and long lasting. And we need to be angry: angry at our lawmakers for doing so little to prevent these catastrophes; angry at our news and entertainment media for simultaneously feeding off these tragedies and fueling them with a steady stream of sensationalism and moral incoherence; angry at ourselves for perversely tolerating these things, and then forgetting them until the next round of violence.

This is #Lent. As a people, we have a lot to repent and confess. And let's not lie to ourselves that tighter gun restrictions -- as vital and urgent as they now are -- will solve the problem. We've lost our respect for human life on a much broader scale, and this is the utterly predictable result.

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The latest tragedy in Florida challenges us to take firm practical steps to reduce the availability of guns. It also reminds us that the solution to the darkness in the human heart is the light of Jesus Christ.

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Cardinal DiNardo, President of the US Bishops, on the Florida tragedy: "I encourage us to unite our prayers and sacrifices for the healing and consolation of all those who have been affected by violence in these last weeks and for a conversion of heart, that our communities and nation will be marked by peace"

Bishop Conference President Reaction to Shooting at Florida High School

Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles asks that the Dreamers not be treated as mere bargaining chips in the debate over immigration.

As I write these words, the U.S. Senate has just begun an open-ended debate that will decide the fate of 800,000 young people who were brought to this country illegally as children. Unfortunately,...

Chairmen of the USCCB committees on domestic and foreign social development express serious concerns about the Administration's proposed budget, and call on all parties to take moral principles into account. Full letter here:

The federal budget proposal released by the Trump administration on Monday has been met with worry from U.S. bishops who stressed the need to protect the poor.

Bishop Malone of Buffalo strongly denounces the Governor's radical abortion expansion bill.

By Richard J. Malone North Korea. Canada. Singapore. The Netherlands. China. United States. What do these seven countrie...

When a celebrity suicide gets lots of attention, there are a lot of copycats. This is called "suicide contagion" or "suicide clusters", and it’s a very real threat — yet another reason not to legalize assisted suicide.

In the five months following Robin Williams's 2014 death, suicides by suffocation increased by nearly a third.

As if there weren't already enough abortions in California, their legislature is trying to turn college health clinics into pushers of abortion pills. Note carefully – that’s not “emergency contraception”, it’s a chemical abortion.

As restrictions on medication abortion mount in other states, legislation that would require health centers at California public universities to stock abortion pills is moving ahead.

A new proposal by the Governor purports to protect people from discrimination by organizations that receive government contracts. But in reality it is designed and intended to threaten the very existence of religious institutions that decline to adhere to the new orthodoxy of gender and sexual ideology.

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Assisted suicide and euthanasia target people with disabilities and mental illnesses. We've spent decades trying to include them more in society, but now they're being told their lives are worthless.

"People are not defined by their mental disorders. They are not powerless, they do have personal agency to live full, meaningful, value-driven lives amid depres...sion, anxiety, or any other mental illness. None of these disorders precludes living a fulfilled, dignified life."

"Furthermore, electing to take one's own life while suffering from a mental disorder certainly presupposes that person is unfit to make rational decisions regarding his or her personal welfare, or at the very least about major life decisions, under which assisted suicide would definitely fall."

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The most recent tragedy was the euthanizing of Aurelia Brouwers, a 29-year-old female who claimed multiple mental illnesses.

So much attention is paid to Washington that we forget that there has been huge progress in state legislatures to protect unborn children.

With just one year under his belt, it took an hour and twenty minutes for the president to reflect last week on our nation’s latest milestones in his State of

When assisted suicide and euthanasia are legalized, it results in threats to the freedom of conscience and religion of health professionals. What's happening in Canada demonstrates that we must never give up our opposition to any legalization here.

Sean Fine, Justice writer for the Globe and Mail reported that Ontario's Divisional Court (3 - 0) decided that doctors in Ontario, who oppose killing their pat

The Cardinal denounces the Governor's radical abortion expansion bill.

"The Governor has pushed this radical agenda for several years, but so far has been unable to secure the legislative votes to make it law. He is now trying a ne...w strategy, by including abortion expansion language in his state budget proposal, a tactic that would make it more difficult for the many pro-life legislators to vote their conscience and protect the dignity of all human life." - Timothy Cardinal Dolan

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The end of January can be freezing weather-wise, but it annually brings two highlights of the year, which help warm my spirit. The first is the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., in which …

A surprising 49% of Millennials support a ban on late-term abortions. They can truly be the pro-life generation.

A new poll indicates that millennials may view later-term abortions differently than abortions overall.

The Governor's abortion expansion bill would eliminate the legal requirement that a second doctor be present at any late-term abortion to provide medical care if the baby is born alive. This cruel bill would mean that live-born babies will be left to die from neglect.

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The Senate killed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Virtually every Dem and a few GOP's voted to kill the bill. It’s good to put people on record so we know where they stand on killing viable babies (i.e., infanticide).

The Cardinal’s response on behalf of USCCB:

Democrats blocked a bill on Monday that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks, a blow to anti-abortion groups that considered its passage a top priority for Congress in 2018.

The Holy Father strongly denounces the mentality underlying euthanasia.

Pope Francis met with the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Friday, affirming the dignity of every person and emphasizing the Church’s task of accompanying the ill and suffering, especially in the face of increasing support for euthanasia.