Check out the GCD EU Pro League Finals this Weekend…/1374-gcd-eu-pro-league-seaso…/

Its finally here! After four bi-weekly tournaments, the very best teams from Europe have proven themselves and are now locked into the final 8!

Make sure to check out the 6v6 tournament hosted by GCD this weekend!…/1266-gcdtv-6v6-battle-of-gil…/

We were really happy how our WSG 6v6 Tournament went and wanted to test out another Battleground with our 6v6 Format. We know 6v6 works well on WSG and most likely Twin peaks, but we are very interested in whether or not this format will be good on Gilneas! Do you think your team has what it takes t…
And then there were only 8. After 2 rounds of intense 3v3 Arena, only the final 8 teams remain. They will go head to head to secure their spots at the North American Regionals this Saturday (8/1) at 2PM PDT, 5PM EST, 4PM CT, and 10PM CET. Catch all the action at
To better organize our events we have decided to start using Battlefy! This website gives us the ability to create a sign up form, bracket, and even chartroom with players all on one site! So we ask all players that plan on competing in future WoW Arena Tournaments familiarize themselves with this w…