Seattle SantaCon 2017

© Tony Leonhardt, Art by Leonhardt Photography. This image can only be shared with permission and credit must be given to the photographer.

Art by Leonhardt Photography added 50 new photos from December 8, 2017 to the album: The Wedding of Amanda and Thomas — with Amanda Williams and Thomas Johnson at Mercerdale Field.
December 8, 2017

This wedding was a delight to photograph. Featuring an intimate setting with the bride & groom's closest friends and family, the day couldn't have ended on a better note!

Photos © Tony Leonhardt, Art by Leonhardt Photography. These images can only be shared with permission and credit must be given to the photographer.


I'm always excited to see my work posted elsewhere on social media. This was a great night!

Seattle Trance Alliance added 234 new photos from November 14, 2017 to the album: STA: The Sounds of Trance: Solarstone Halloween Party — with Stan Svitak and Autum Marie at The Underground.

Halloween Party featuring Pure Trance legend, Solarstone, with DJ Gotek and Derrick Gennrich setting the opening vibes!

Recent work for performer Jane Air, owner of Athena Vertical Dance Studio.
Inspired by this tutorial:

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Art by Leonhardt Photography is feeling incredulous.

"To anybody else out there who thinks like Dan. Here’s a big tip, although it really shouldn’t need to be said. Stop stealing other people's work and you won’t get sued for copyright infringement."

This is one of those stories you couldn't make up if you tried. Most people, especially content creators, such as those with YouTube followings of 60K+ people know that much of the Internet is copyrighted. That just because an image appears in a Google Images search result does not mean that it's fr...

I love seeing other people think outside the box!

Here's an inspiring 5-minute behind-the-scenes video by photographer Irene Rudnyk, who shot a series of gorgeous portraits in a bedroom using only natural

Excited with what I'm seeing so far out of my camera during today's Halloween portrait shoot this afternoon! 📸🧟‍♂️🎃🤸‍♂️

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Hmmm. I can't decide if this good, bad or annoying. Thoughts?

Instagram has long featured a 3x3 grid of photos across its platform, allowing photographers to get creative and create larger photo mosaics by uploading t

AMDEF X is this weekend! Are you planning on being there?

Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion – AMDEF X: The 10 Year Anniversary is almost here! On Saturday, September 16, 2017, bring your friends to Neumos for six hours of non-stop entertainment, fusing everything that makes Seattle unique under one roof. Check out what AMDEF meant to th

This would have been an interesting fashion line to take photos of! NYFW = NSFW? Quite possibly with this line of clothing.
#NYFW #fashion #art

It was an inspired by a 1748 novel in which a magic ring "makes women's genitals talk."

Great article, always helpful to learn more about lighting techniques for photography.

We spoke with the show's director of photography about how she keeps black beautiful on screen.

Crazy. Is this what #FakeNews looks like now?

Right now, a conflict photographer named Eduardo Martins is supposedly driving around in a van somewhere in the Australian outback. And you probably won't

Always use protective gear for your camera equipment!

Planning to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse? You'd better make sure you have the right solar filter to protect your camera. Here's a 2-minute video t

This is gorgeous work! Breathtaking use of color and lighting! 😲🙌📷

Fashion photographer Rossella Vanon has created a smoking hot, eye-catching portrait. Want to learn how she did it?

For anyone who's planning on driving down for the #OReclipse on Monday, be forewarned. The traffic congestion has already begun.

“#Oreclipse traffic backed up for 15 miles on HWY 26, all the way to Prineville now. Photos from our fish and wildlife plane.”

This is very impressive!

Traditional photography involves choosing a focal length and position before snapping a shot. A new technology called "computational zoom" will allow photo

Horrible to read that this happened to another photographer. Glad to see her get vindicated via the jury's decision. Emphasizes the importance of wedding contracts!

After being forced out of business, the Texas photographer convinced a jury that a professional beauty blogger and her new husband had conspired to destroy her reputation.