This got a few mentions at work, so I figured I'd post it here too.

In 2009, I wrote a song about all the excuses software engineers utter as excuses for bugs that end up in products. At work, we ended up making a 90-second video for the song for a team meeting. It we

New Psalm demo for Sunday since I won't be there...…/your-words-lord-are-spirit-and-life

Listen to Your Words, Lord, Are Spirit And Life by Art Leonard #np on #SoundCloud

Got some time to record this evening. Finally got a chance to record with the DSI Prophet 6. We'll be doing a more "decaf" version of this song at Holy Family tomorrow.

Psalm for Sunday, 5/29. Having fun with the Sequential Prophet 6 (bass, pads, popping sounds, arp). Production is way more than we'll do tomorrow. (This is the third version of this Psalm I've penne

Found this - I had forgotten about this little ditty Angela Reed and I co-wrote many years ago. Thanks for posting this, Angie!

Words and Music by Angela Reed and Art Leonard. I always say too much I'm bashful in that way... I want it to last Don't want it to pass Keep playing this tune 'Cause I don't want to lose yo
Here's my "City of God" re-envisioning... debating whether to keep it or try another version in 12/8, but I like where this was ending up.
Thanks to Robin, Colleen, Adam, Kristi, April and Andrea for the back-up vocals!

Listen to City Of God V4 #6 by Art Leonard #np on #SoundCloud
Here's the Psalm setting we've been doing for the last couple weeks.

So, this is a first for me - posting a video of a Psalm for folks to learn. The is the setting for the 20th Sunday in ordinary time (8/16/2015). I try to kee...
Here's the Psalm setting we plan to do tomorrow.

My little setting for Psalm 15, for August 30, 2015. This is just a little demo to demonstrate to the choir how it goes. The chord progressions remind me of ...