A nice cup of plastic anyone?!
Actually the consequences of all this micro plastic and the chemicals within plastic are not completely unknown, as some people say. We know for example that they work as endocrine disruptors within the human body, which is a reason why more and more couples aren't able to get children any more. But I guess that's the least of mankind's problems right now... I guess as long as humans live, this planet has no chance to ever recover from all the damage we've already done. Shame on us!

Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted

Putting in some work this morning... 💪
Need to reduce my calorie intake though, body fat percentage is far too high currently. I don't like 👎

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Oh man, the way some people train, I tell ya... 😯 I really hope for this guy he's got a few spare body parts somewhere. It hurts me just watching that kinda shit! Welcome to #snapcity
Do I need to say anything? I think the video is enough...
Percentage of animal protein in my diet: ZERO Any questions?! 󾀾󾭞
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Josh Rossi Photography

Ok here it is! My ultimate passion project. Took my wife Roxana and I two months to finish. These kids are amazing! This is what the REAL Justice League looks l...ike! Link to the full story is in the comments below.

Photographer and digital artist Josh Rossi Photography
Costumes Julie Whiteley
Second shooter Richard Meade
Digital artist on Cyborg model Mike Campau Digital Imagery
Prints Nichols Photo Lab
Wonder Woman Costume Jennifer McGrew
Producer Roxana Mendoza Rossi
MUA Eve Keener
Bts video Emily Julander
Assistant Thayne Wheeler
Studio STUDIO o2o

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All kinds of carbs for all kinds of vegainz... 🌱💪
Haven't been running for a couple of days because my joints and tendons hurt. Maybe I've pushed myself too much too quickly, after doing nothing for so long... hope I'll be able to do the race at the beginning of next month though.

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Sorry folks, but I removed the article I shared this morning, since I realized that it was completely exaggerated and actually not really telling the truth, at least not the whole truth. I also made a mistake when reading the headline. It's actually just what Neal Barnard himself said, and I think he was the only one insisting on banning meat and dairy... maybe a few doctors agreed, but it seems it wasn't what they finally decided on this conference.
I guess when news sound too good to be true, then there's probably a good reason for that.
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I don't wanna spread misinformation, since that's not gonna help the vegan movement. We gotta stick with the facts...

Flex Friday boys & girls! I know, I haven't posted a lot of physique updates recently, so here you go... I'm not in top shape currently, neither in terms of size, nor in terms of definition, but it's not the end of the world I guess.

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Grinding out that last rep... I absolutely love this Hammer Strength bench press machine, gives me an awesome contraction in my chest!
I felt pretty tired this morning and didn't have a lot of motivation to go to the gym, but for some reason it turned out to be a really good session... #win ! 😎

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Did my third run this morning... felt a bit fatigued since I don't have any rest days at the moment and still gotta get used to endurance training. However, I managed to improve my average time per kilometre by 1:22. About two and a half weeks left till my race now... 🏃

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So after my announcement yesterday, I actually walked the talk this morning and did my first run within years - while enjoying German summer (HAHA)... The good news:
- I survived

The bad news:
- I've got blisters on my feet...
- My battered knee and the rest of my legs will be in pain
- All the top runners in the world will hate me very soon for breaking their records
- I'm probably gonna die
Basically I'm just waiting for my whole body to punish me... LOL
Still a good feeling that I actually did it though 😂

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I think I haven't done one single cardio training session within the last two or three years, and before that there has never been a lot of cardio training either... but since I'm a vegan lunatic I just signed up for a run that's gonna take place in about three weeks' time LOL Prep starts tomorrow... 😂

Have you ever heard of "O.B.A.S.C.H. anaemia" (only bacon and steak can help anaemia)? It's pretty serious shit... NO plant-based food or ANY kind of supplementation can help, only meat! You would think it's pretty rare, but actually you can meet quite a few victims if you post something about veganism, animal cruelty, animal rights or plant-based food. I always feel sorry for these people. It almost breaks my heart, because most of them would LOVE to go vegan, but their O.B.A.S.C.H. anaemia keeps them from doing so. Poor souls...

"I was almost about to stop keeping slaves, but some of these extreme anti-slavery folks made some nasty comments, so now I'm gonna keep them... well done you fucking extremists! I wanted to change and evolve, but you fucked it up! Now I'm gonna have to keep slaves for the rest of my life..."
Seriously, if you really wanted to go vegan for the animals and not yourself, you wouldn't care about the attitude and behaviour of some other vegans... you could simply ignore them, just like you usually ignore animal cruelty, global warming and multiresistant germs.

Vegans have a harsh rap - they’re often painted as tie-dye wearing, hemp-smelling, hippy preachers, who will lambast anyone for even looking at a piece of cheese or a steak. Whilst this isn’t true for the majority - many vegans today prefer to refer to themselves as “plant-based” to distance themsel...

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Posted by Veganzzz

David Haye who is known to be a Vegan, knocks out opponent after being insulted with meat.💪

Credit: David Haye